If you have never heard singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer Ken Lehnig’s music this album will make you a fan.

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — American Windsong Music releases The Best of Ken Lehnig a compilation of chart-topping songs uploaded to numerous musical sites. All songs are from singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer, Ken Lehnig’s six solo Cd projects.

The American Music Show 2013 was Ken’s first solo album and was produced for the most part without percussion to reflect Ken’s solo live performances. An often-pensive collection taking on a very personal feel as if the listener were sitting in a small club with Ken on stage sharing his music, albeit with some strings and a few friends.

Ken decided to record solo after over twenty years with Ken Lehnig and the Burning Sage Band. Writing for a performance band limited his writing, instrumentational, and performance range and he wanted to get his large eclectic catalog recorded. The Burning Sage Band released three albums Singerman, Four Directions, and Keep the Sun from Going Down available for streaming on Spotify.

His second solo album Holding a Rose 2015 was an act of love recording the most requested original songs from live performances and a remixing and enhancing of two demo songs written and recorded in the late 70s. Those two songs, Nothing Sadder and Holding a Rose, were then recorded and produced by Heart’s Graig Bartock.

The third solo album Dr. Daniels Miracle Cure and Medicine Show 2017 was an ambitious project that tested Ken’s vocal range and musicianship. The songs were from a Western musical play by the same name written by Ken in the late 70s. It was pitched to MTV and other studios but never produced. Ken decided to perform and produce the music for this album. The result exceeded Ken’s expectations as a unique musical performance and as a lyrical storytelling exercise.

Ken’s fourth album Broken Heart 2018 was arranged and produced in a more contemporary style closer to a live band performance. This album is bent toward ballads, folk, and country styles. In spite of the album’s name, it was a project of the heart. The songs on this album reflect storytelling at its finest. Ken considered it his best work to that point.

I Can Hear You Now 2020 was a big departure for Ken. It is an unapologetic faith album. Ken spent three years in horrible pain in a wheelchair with a terminal nerve disease. That disease was the main reason he had to leave the Burning Sage Band. He continued to write although he lost the use of his fingers. A computer allowed for single-finger typing of the lyrics and single-note melody writing. Long conversations with God in the middle of sleepless nights resulted in numerous faith songs and Ken truly believes a miraculous reversal of the disease. It took a year to walk again, relearn his instrumental chops, and reexamine his creative priorities. He decided after almost twenty years to record the praise songs he had written when he was ill as a thank you to God for delivering him. The songs on this album run from non-traditional personal reflection pieces, to simply produced songs a praise band could sing, to large anthemic choral pieces. Ken hopes heaven enjoyed it as much as his earthly listeners.

The newest album Between Us is a big contemporary album, showing Ken’s range as a songwriter. musician, and singer. This project explores many musical genres from rock, blues, jazz, and folk, to country. This is Ken’s most popular album to date.

The latest release from American Windsong Music, The Best of Ken Lehnig picks the most popular songs from numerous musical sites, creating a colorful pallet of musical storytelling and heartfelt emoting by an extraordinarily talented, but not widely known, artist. It is our intention and wishes here at American Windsong Music that you discover and become a fan of Ken Lehnig and his music.

Ken Lehnig’s music is on Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and most music websites.

American Windsong Music is a record company recording and distributing rich, timeless, and relevant songs that are strong and unique in lyric and melody, and speak to the American experience through interpretation of traditional American musical forms.

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