Catheon Gaming CEO proud to bring Gamamobi onboard to bring premier game title, War of Gama, to the blockchain. The long-awaited MMORPG is coming out on April 6th.

WASHINGTON, DC, April 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Catheon Gaming Partners With Gamamobi to Bring War of Gama to the Blockchain

Catheon Gaming is excited to partner with Gamamobi to bring an iconic MMORPG, War of Gama, to the blockchain.

Combined with Catheon Gaming’s vast expertise and network in blockchain, NFTs, Web3, and gaming, the company promises to assist Gamamobi in bringing its premier game title to the blockchain.

The long-awaited War of Gama is coming out on April 6th at 11:00 AM (UTC+8). Those who want to get in on the action early can join the WOG Discord community to stay connected with other players and stay updated. What’s more, players who pre-register can win exciting new prizes.

The collaboration between Catheon Gaming and War of Gama promises to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

About War of Gama

War of Gama is a classic fantasy RPG that combines the classic RPG concept with Web3 for an all-new Fight and Earn gaming experience. The expertly created MMORPG gameplay, combined with field, cross-server, and boss battles, as well as enhanced combat mechanics allows for a uniquely thrilling experience.

War of Gama incorporates everything players love about MMORPG while removing the grinding time with idle gameplay. That allows all time-poor mobile players to remain engaged.

With its offline idle system, War of Gama will reduce the grind required for leveling up. It will replace it with 6–12 hours of idle, offline gameplay. Players won’t have to be online throughout the entire day as their character will keep gaining both equipment and experience even if they’re not playing.

The game is set in the middle ages, where a rift in the space-time continuum causes a release of monsters. While trying to survive, feudal kingdoms come together and bring their most courageous warriors to defeat the monsters.

War of Gama NFTs and Currency

The in-game NFTs can strengthen players’ combat power and help them earn tokens more efficiently through Fight & Earn. Players can freely trade every NFT on the market, in turn accelerating the collection of tokens.

The Kingdom Coin is the most important currency within the game and players can exchange their tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

About Gamamobi

Gamamobi is a mobile game developer and publisher who has been in the gaming industry for decades. The company has published games that have generated over $200 million in lifetime gross revenue.

About Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming, as recognized by KPMG and HSBC, is the number one Web3 startup in Hong Kong. The company was also voted among the top 10 emerging giants among companies in APAC.

William Wu is the Catheon Gaming CEO and is a former McKinsey employee who attended Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Catheon Gaming is one of the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment companies globally. The company’s portfolio includes some of the biggest blockchain games in the industry, e.g. SolChicks, SeoulStars, and Angrymals.

With deep roots in the gaming and blockchain industries, Catheon Gaming brings together technical, gaming, and marketing expertise. The company’s goal is to become the platform of choice when it comes to incubating and launching the best blockchain games and bringing them to the widest audience possible.

Catheon Gaming, founded by William Wu is one of the largest integrated blockchain and entertainment companies. The company offers end-to-end support across blockchain fundraising, integration, project execution, and publishing. The complex Catheon ecosystem is supported by its comprehensive gaming platform and launchpad, Catheon Gaming Centre.

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