The World State has launched its decentralized Global Digital State platform that is guided by the principles of Direct Democracy.

NEW YORK, NY, March 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Blockchain metaverse project, The World State (TWS), is pleased to announce the launch of its decentralized global digital State, set to be the first platform to combine the principles of direct democracy, where all decisions are made by the direct voting of citizens, and transparency within the crypto space.

The TWS launch follows the culmination of more than two years of development and the completion of several milestones in its roadmap. This began with the creation of the initial TWS Constitution, detailing the Laws of the new ecosystem to which everyone can contribute, regardless of race, nationality, religion, background, or gender.

As part of the launch, the TWS Executive team has revealed a series of features and platform add-ons, including NFT Passports, the release of the TWS Ecosystem driven by smart contracts, and the platform’s native token W$C. Future developments, such as the TWSswap and Mainnet will be fuelled by the platform’s internal fundraising scheme, and via taxes paid to the Treasury.

Speaking about the launch of The World State, one of its Founders, said: “The project was born from the desire to combine four ideals: to Create, to Influence, to Decide, and to Lead. CIDL. We are all citizens of the world, and we wanted to develop a truly democratic environment where shared goals and ambitions are reached, and where dreams turn into reality. We knew that integrating NFT technologies with web3 was a way in which we could achieve this and help to make the world the way we want it to be. This vision has evolved into The World State.”

A New Kind of Citizen

TWS ambitions have materialized with the development of the NFT Passport and citizenship. NFT Passports confirm TWS citizenship and are a key element in the use of the ecosystem. By becoming a citizen of TWS, users can create and get funds for their ambitious ideas, influence the decision-making process, vote on issues that matter, take on leadership positions and become President. Moreover, Citizens are able to connect with people from all over the globe, fostering greater understanding and tolerance among everyone.

About The World State

The World State is a blockchain-based digital democratic state, built on Polygon. It facilitates the creation of a fair platform on which all users have the same rights: they can create parties, become leaders and President, create laws, raise funds, and share ideas. TWS citizenship is open to anyone, irrespective of identity.

The digital space allows citizens to create a new world without artificial borders and stereotypes. The voice of each person matters to TWS. It allows ideas to be brought to life by following the principle of fair self-organized direct democracy.

The team behind TWS, its Founders, Development Team and Executive Team, have chosen to remain anonymous to avoid influence or pressure from politicians, businesses, or other authorities.

TWS is a Global Digital State whose mission is to unite people of the world together in an effort to make the world a better place.

For more information on how The World State is creating a Web3-based ecosystem and to keep up-to-date with their roadmap, visit their website here.

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