Lesley Israel launches the seventh episode of her Work That Matters podcast, sharing valuable insights on all things politics. She is also launching a new website dedicated to promoting the podcast.

EASTON, MD, June 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — One of the best known names in politics has once again drawn on her decades of experience in the field in order to address the many significant changes in today’s sociopolitical climate. This installment is appropriately timed, with the country in a transitional phase and the 2024 election already beginning to take shape. There are few in the world who can understand and explain it quite like Lesley Israel.

In this episode, Lesley explores how social media has influenced campaigning strategies and discusses the most effective methods of winning over voters. One particular highlight of this gripping new installment is Lesley’s discussion on how political campaigns can address polarization, a crucial topic in today’s highly charged political climate. Additionally, Lesley touches on the importance of fundraising in political campaigns of any era.

As a passionate advocate for young people’s involvement in politics, Lesley also encourages listeners to participate in the democratic process actively. She provides insights into common misconceptions about political campaigns and highlights her personal favorite campaign. Ms. Israel’s words serve as a reminder that active participation in the democratic process is essential for shaping a better future.

“In today’s constantly evolving political climate, those looking to make a difference couldn’t ask for a better time in history to start,” says Lesley. “Our democracy is being tested daily, and it’s crucial for young people to understand that their vote counts and that elections do matter.”

Can Lesley offer practical solutions to these problems? Is it even possible in 2023? Tune in and you might have all your questions on this topic answered, and then some! One thing is for sure: Listeners can expect Lesley Israel’s commentary to be thought-provoking and engaging, as always, making this an episode not to be missed.

Last, but not least, Lesley Israel is proud to announce the launch of her brand new website, a companion piece to her official site. It is solely dedicated to the Work That Matters podcast, and will serve as home to all seven current episodes, plus all the great ones to come! This new site will also be an unparalleled source of information for the show with its news and announcements sections.

So tune in to the Work That Matters podcast to gain valuable insights from one of the most respected voices in her field, and don’t forget how important the democratic process is as we approach the 2024 election season.

To visit Lesley Israel’s official website website, click here.
To visit the official website of Lesley’s “Work That Matters” podcast, click here.

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