“Forget about selling products, we’re declaring war on Alzheimer’s and all neurodegenerative diseases. We’re not taking any prisoners.” — David Avraham

SEATTLE, WA, January 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Should a 25 year old graduate student take the same supplements to perform well in school that a retired chess master should take to stay competitive? Can any OTC supplement help doctors prevent, slow or reverse diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Questions such as these complicate consumers’ purchase decisions when shopping for supplements to support the health of their brains. One company, Integrity Nootropics, is trying to help their customers tackle this conundrum by offering complementary counseling at a highly subsidized rate. For just under $10 USD anyone can access the custom service by e-mailing the company or leveraging their contact form at https://NooIQ.co. The only requirement for participation is a doctor’s note with their informed guidance to the company.

“It’s a way of giving back and ensuring that we’ve given our all to responsible nutrition,” said the company’s representative, David Avraham. “For $9.99 you’re getting anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour of counseling with a nootropics professional whose normal hourly rate exceeds $100,” he explained, “[E]veryone contributes something – the patients have to share information on our service with their doctor, who then provides us a note with their guidance. Integrity contributes what amounts to a discount of over 90% for this service. The custom nature of the recommendations usually means we can’t recommend anything we’re selling, but it feels good to know that we’re making a difference, especially for those with a family history of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Forget about selling products, we’re declaring war on Alzheimer’s and all neurodegenerative diseases. We’re not taking any prisoners. We’ll recommend anything we think is best based on your physician’s advice, factor in your budget, and help you source the best version of any supplement from any supplier.”

Integrity Nootropics aims to pursue a responsible approach to nutrition. They remind customers to discuss supplements with their healthcare practitioners. Although the ingredients in their flagship stack, NooIQ™, were selected based on a review of scientific research, they insist that supplements such as this should be scrutinized by medical professionals and viewed as an additional tool meant to work in combination with a healthy diet and any prescription medications. Further, Integrity Nootropics promotes a minimally-stimulant (or “Min-Stim”) philosophy to its genre of supplements, which says that stimulants are optimized by the caffeine in your diet and any doctor-prescribed medications, whereas other supplement stacks often include counter-productively high levels of OTC stimulants.

The company’s founder added color around the philosophy and outreach programs, saying “When my mother died in her early 70s from Dementia, it was an absolute nightmare. Her physician, an over-privileged alt-right Republican quack in Atlanta, James J. Lah, refused all contact and attempts to discuss her treatment while she rapidly slipped away. Only after her death did he finally get around to making an appearance to defend his reprehensible negligence, unannounced and most certainly unwelcome in an involuntary “town hall” brainwashing session. Therein he demonstrated an exaggerated ego and severe ignorance of international research on the topic. Supplements such as Alpha GPC, aniracetam, piracetam, Cogitum, and medicines like Actovegin, Aduhelm, and Cerebrolysin were never even considered before he sentenced her to death by starvation, going against her lifelong belief that physicians shouldn’t murder their patients. I would give my life to help fight such horrible abuses. This subsidized counseling initiative is just the first small step to help patients communicate with their doctors and find the best possible supplements. Our company will fight the war on Alzheimer’s to our last cent. Reach out to us. Tell us what help you need. If there’s something we can’t do for you, we’ll connect you with the best institution or resource we can find to support you and your family.”

For now, consumers are encouraged to reach out to the company by e-mail or contact form after speaking with their healthcare providers. Future iterations of the service aspire to feature a direct integration with tele-health physicians.

Nootropics counselors are not necessarily Registered Dieticians and are not required to hold any specific license, but all on staff have graduate degrees with relevant education and work hand-in-hand with healthcare providers, Avraham added. “If a doctor recommends magnesium to aid memory, for instance, we may recommend magnesium L-threonate as the most effective form based on available research, but as it’s much more expensive than other sources of magnesium we’d help price-sensitive individuals to find a reliable lower cost supply.”

Integrity Nootropics is a Maryland-registered LLC.

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