Experts Agree: The Five Pillars of Relationship Equity is a Must-Read for Anyone Struggling in Their Relationship. The Founder of National Relationship Equity Day Releases a Revolutionary Book on Building Equitable and Fulfilling Relationships

WASHINGTON, DC, June 23, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Five Pillars of Relationship Equity: The Practice of Fairness in a Romantic Relationship Using the Power of Two” by Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi (Gfem), Ph.D., Founder of National Relationship Equity Day

With decades of professional experience as a relationship coach and researcher, Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi (Gfem) delves deep into the five essential pillars that form the bedrock of a healthy and balanced relationship. These pillars are transparency, generosity, flexibility, accountability, and humility. Each chapter provides detailed explanations and practical tools for cultivating these virtues in your relationship, regardless of your age, gender, or sexual orientation.

However, what sets this book apart is its unique use of the Power of Two approach. Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi (Gfem) advocates for couples to work together, often referring to your intimate partner as your “co-partner,” rather than focusing solely on individual efforts. This means that the five pillars must be championed by both parties to truly create equity in the relationship. Through this collaborative effort, couples can enjoy a deeper level of connection and mutual respect.

In today’s society, traditional gender roles and power imbalances have plagued countless relationships, leading to dissatisfaction, resentment, and even the breakdown of marriages. Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi recognizes the urgent need for change and presents a groundbreaking solution in “The Five Pillars of Relationship Equity.” Drawing from his extensive expertise, personal experiences, and deep understanding of human dynamics, Dr. Femi guides readers on a transformative journey toward establishing thriving, harmonious relationships.

“The Five Pillars of Relationship Equity” transcends rhetoric and provides practical tools and actionable advice. Through powerful storytelling, scientific studies, and relatable biblical and practical examples, Dr. Femi empowers couples to embrace their individual gifts and talents, fostering an environment of love, respect, and equality.

This isn’t just a book; it’s a movement. Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi, also known as Gfem, is the visionary behind National Relationship Equity Day, an annual event celebrated on June 24th. He believes that by championing relationship equity, couples can not only transform their own lives but also create a ripple effect that positively impacts future generations. Through his work, Dr. Femi has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to promoting healthy relationships and has received the prestigious National Relationship Expert Icon Award from World Civility Day.

The Five Pillars of Relationship Equity is a timely and essential resource for couples looking to build stronger, healthier, and more equitable relationships. Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi (Gfem) is a respected authority in the field of relationship equity and has dedicated his professional life to creating a world where love, respect, and fairness prevail. You can purchase this book at your nearest bookstore or online today and start your journey towards building a more equitable and fulfilling relationship.


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Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi’s accomplishments extend far beyond his role as an author. He is the host of “The Dr. Femi Show,” a well-liked program on Roku TV. Additionally, he has been honored with an honorary doctorate in humanity for his unwavering dedication to improving lives and relationships worldwide. Dr. Femi is happily married to his remarkable wife, Dr. Queen Victoria Ogunjinmi, whom he lovingly refers to as his all-inclusive wife. Together, they have two amazing children.

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Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi is a global relationship expert, TV host of the Dr. Femi Show, which has been seen in over 60 million households on Roku TV, United Nations Representative, recipient of the World Civility Day National Relationship Expert Icon Award, and author of several books, including Revelations of Relationship, How to Tell If Someone Truly Loves You, and his two most recent books: Best Relationship Advice for Singles, Dating, and Marriage.

Dr. Femi has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, The New York Weekly, USA TODAY Magazine, and numerous other media outlets. He has appeared on major media platforms such as The Word Network, Radio One, and TEDx. His TEDx talk has over 5 million views and is growing by 100,000 views per month.

Dr. Femi runs his own relationship programs in addition to keynoting and speaking at conferences across the United States and abroad. His signature conference, “Revelations of Relationship Seminar,” is held every year in the United States and has also been held in Nigeria. He also organizes retreats for men called “Becoming the Man She Wants” and for couples looking to improve their relationships called “Becoming the Person Your Partner Wants.”

Dr. Femi is the founder of National Relationship Equity Day, an organization that has created a national awareness day that is celebrated every June 24th. National Relationship Equity Day is dedicated to eliminating gender inequity in relationships and promoting the use of gifts, values, skill sets, constraints, and interests as alternative ways of defining roles in relationships.

Dr. Femi earned a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling (Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Biology, and a certificate in Financial Management as a scholar. United Graduate College and Seminary International has also conferred upon him an honorary doctorate of humanity. Dr. Femi’s professional experience includes working as a senior cyber security analyst and consultant for top organizations such as the DoD, USAID, USDA, State Department, Harris Corporation, SAP, and Centurylink.

He founded Improvement University, an online learning platform that teaches people professional and personal skills. In January 2020, Dr. Femi was inducted into the World Book of Greatness. He is married to Dr. Queen Victoria Ogunjinmi, whom he affectionately refers to as his all-inclusive wife, and they have two wonderful children.

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