ST. PETERSBURG, FL, January 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tampa Bay’s Metasport Arena (MSA) announced another strategically important partnership with Burrst, a Chicago-based company that aims to create a Web3 sports ecosystem helping young athletes monetize their NIL.

“This strategy aligns perfectly with our direction at Metasport Arena. We’re delighted to provide new experiences and earning opportunities to teams and individual athletes,” said Piotr Smeder, MSA’s Head of Partnerships and Co-founder.

As one of the first Binance-based sports and entertainment metaverses, MSA continues to build a virtual economy that attracts local and global sports entities, individual fans and gamers, retail brands, and young athletes.

Grant Sapkin, CEO and founder of Burrst, also shared his excitement.

“At Burrst, we believe in the future of the metaverse, specifically what MetaSport Arena is creating and how it will benefit young athletes on a global scale. The creative approach athletes will have in this digital world allows fans to engage like never before. Thrilled for this partnership to come to fruition.”

Metasport Arena aims to revolutionize how we consume and engage with sports and entertainment. With Burrst’s help, MSA will bring fans closer to their local heroes, allowing them to interact with their favorite teams and players in new and exciting ways. Whether it’s watching a live game, taking part in virtual training sessions, or exploring a virtual stadium.

Burrst helps young athletes monetize their brand in Web3 by working with them to gain global awareness, create multiple revenue streams, and connect further with their fans.

Metasport Arena is the company behind Sam Arena, the first sports and entertainment Binance blockchain-based metaverse. A virtual place where sports and entertainment fans, brands, and sports entities become self-governed community members. Virtual neighbors. All with unique capabilities to build, share and earn native SAM token and real estate.

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