Mass Shootings Anywhere Are War-like Actions Effecting Children Everywhere. Groundbreaking Pro-Social Program Teaches Coping & Life Skills Empowering Young Children From Within, with Self-Belief to Bring Bullying To An End. No Fear Toley Ranz is Here

SEDONA, AZ, June 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mass shootings at K-12 schools show that most perpetrators experienced extreme childhood trauma like bullying, physical and sexual abuse, loss of identity, and more; moreover, their academic failures are notable.

Mass shooters overwhelmingly fit a certain profile which develops early on.

“Anti-bullying is not working. Thoughts and prayers are not enough any longer. Our children need help,” says Anke Otto-Wolf. “How in heaven’s name can a 10-year-old child fall through the cracks? I am appalled!”

The Root Causes of Mass Shooters’ actions Are Found Mainly in young children’s emotional upheavals caused by childhood trauma such as neglect, abuse, bullying, abandonment, etc. The feeling of sadness in small children can lead to depression and anxieties, as well as anger because of helplessness due to bullying and extreme teasing. Those early years (5-10) need extra care and attention from parents and school authorities. The development of so-called “mass shooter traits” can be prevented. Must be prevented.

Emotional neglect is appalling. It is deeply hurtful to read that a 10-year-old boy cannot get help because no one has time for him. Where are the parents? The school admins? A massive prevention approach must be added to thoughts and prayers BEFORE a tragedy happens. Prevention and safety from within is the answer.

Anti-bullying is not working. Bullying can’t be stopped. But bullying can come to an end by empowering young children from within. The Toley Ranz Program empowers young children (5-10) with self-esteem, self-belief, self-value and healthy pro-social skills; at the same time, the program provides extensive help to parents.

Prevents emotional crisis in young children. Promotes children’s self-assurance, inner strength, self-belief, happiness, self-determination. Boosts positive relationships, curiosity for learning, joy & laughter. Counteracts mental health issues, mass shooter traits, sadness, isolation, anxieties, fears, etc.

TOLEY RANZ prevents ‘mass shooter traits’ in young children; it is a groundbreaking pro-social program that teaches coping & life skills with the help of a relatable character- Toley Ranz provides vast array of teaching and learning material (audio, video, digital, print, etc.).

Mass Shootings anywhere are a perception of war for children everywhere and cheat Children of emotional growth. TOLEY RANZ teaches curiosity for learning, provides joy and laughter, and gives children a sense of belonging- something children deserve and have a right to.

We like to provide elementary schools, libraries, kids’ clubs, groups, group homes, etc., access to the TOLEY RANZ PROGRAM. The Toley Ranz Program helps children to change their fears into strength of self-belief and self-value and using those qualities as their armor against adversities and bullies, circumventing mass shooter traits.
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Founder/Creator of Toley Ranz, Anke Otto-Wolf, residing in Sedona, AZ, is a veteran educator, award-winning author, Shamanic Life Coach; she guides adults and children into a productive lifestyle, and emotional health. For her work with inner-city kids Anke was honored by former President Clinton. The Toley Ranz Program is successfully implemented in Arizona libraries; live presentations and webinars are continuously available. 928-254-1879
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