Lexington, KY clinic is the first full-service provider offering minimally invasive procedures to reduce the appearance of cellulite long-term.

LEXINGTON, KY, May 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Lexington Plastic Surgery, a leader in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, is the first Lexington, KY, clinic to become a full-service provider for Aveli cellulite reduction.

“Cellulite, while not medically problematic, can lead to lowered self-esteem or self-image,” said Dr. Theo Gerstle of Lexington Plastic Surgery. Often thought of as a result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, cellulite is actually caused by fibrous bands under the skin. These fibrous bands, if thickened with too much collagen, can tighten up and pull on the skin, which gives cellulite its signature dimpled look.

Aveli takes a new approach to combating cellulite and ends cellulite permanently. A plastic surgeon using Aveli will create a small incision and then cut the fibrous bands that are pulling and dimpling the skin. Unlike creams, rollers, injections, or lasers, which only focus on improving the appearance of cellulite, Aveli will solve the problem at its core. Patients who use Aveli rarely need any follow-up for cellulite reduction, while other treatments may fade in as little as hours after they are completed.

Although other minimally invasive cellulite treatments are on the market, Aveli provides more consistent and accurate results. “What makes Aveli so effective is the illumination it provides, allowing the operator to pinpoint the exact fibrous band causing the dimple in the skin,” said Dr. Gerstle. “This prevents blind subcision, which is just cutting in a general area and hoping you get the right band.”

Dr. Gerstle is committed to providing his Lexington and Louisville patients with safe, minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures that will help them feel and look their best. Cellulite reduction through Aveli is just one of the many procedures Dr. Gerstle offers. Other popular procedures include neck lifts, face lifts, and breast augmentation.

Lexington Plastic Surgery, under the direction of Dr. Gerstle, the only Harvard-trained plastic surgeon in Lexington, is an accredited center through both the AAAHC and the AAAASF. To learn more about Aveli and the other services offered by Lexington Plastic Surgery, visit LexingtonPS.com.

Lexington Plastic Surgery is one of the highest-rated plastic surgery centers in Lexington, KY. They aim to provide innovation and excellence in plastic surgery including facelifts, neck lifts, breast augmentation, and many more.

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