For breakfast, lunch, dinner—even dessert—tofu is a budget-friendly, versatile, protein-rich ingredient. Enjoy a culinary adventure with global flavors such as miso ramen, Thai curry nuggets, Indian spiced saffron rice, pumpkin, pie bars & more

OAKLAND, CA, July 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hodo, America’s most innovative tofu and plant-based protein company invites you to raise your fork, chopsticks and oven mitt to celebrate “World Tofu Day” on July 26. “Global flavors are trending,” says Hodo Founder and CEO Minh Tsai. “We listened to our customers and now offer Miso and Indian flavored tofu to help people ‘eat around the world’ in their own home.”

Many people are looking to reduce their meat consumption for a variety of economic, environmental and health reasons. Alexandra Caspero, MA, RD, Plant-Based Dietitian at Delish Knowledge shares, “Not only is tofu a rich source of choline, a B-like vitamin that helps to regulate memory, mood, and muscle control, it contains protein, calcium, iron, and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids.” The nutrient profile of tofu makes it a great alternative to meat. In 2021, the American Heart Association emphasized choosing plant-based proteins, like tofu, to improve heart health.

Tofu is an incredibly versatile ingredient. Pre-seasoned tofus are a great time saver because they are faster and easier to prepare. For instance, Hodo’s new Moroccan-flavored tofu is already pressed, cubed and pre-seasoned. Just add five ingredients to make this satisfying Moroccan Couscous Salad.

Hodo invites you to go on a culinary adventure and shares seven delicious recipes from around the world.

7 Global Tofu Recipes To Celebrate World Tofu Day
1. Miso Tofu Udon or Miso Tofu Ramen – JAPAN/EAST ASIA
2. Indian Spiced Tofu with Saffron Rice – INDIA-SOUTH ASIA
3. Moroccan Couscous Salad – MOROCCO/MEDITERRANEAN
4. Air Fryer Tofu Cubes – INTERNATIONAL
5. Pumpkin Pie Bars – NORTH AMERICA
6. Creamy Vegan Quiche– EUROPE
7. Thai Curry Nuggets and Kabocha Squash Autumn Stew – JAPAN/THAILAND

Hodo’s secret to success is simple: Offering delicious, organic, clean label, whole-ingredient, artisan-quality plant-based protein. Combining the best of Old World and innovative methods, Hodo tofu is made from organic soybeans with a specific, high protein content, and with a rich, creamy, whole-bean soymilk made with triple-extraction methods. Hodo tofu is described by chefs as having a depth of flavor and more complexity, with nutty, sweet notes and a smooth, springy, creamy texture. No pressing and no seasoning needed, the tofu blocks are ready to be seared or baked or eaten right out of the pack.

— Fast Facts – Standout Attributes of Hodo’s Seasoned & Plain Tofus —
• USDA organic certified, GMO-free, gluten-free, kosher, vegan.
• Hodo’s award-winning extra firm tofu is the foundation for all our tofu products. No pressing needed.
• Made with North American grown organic soybeans.
• As per the FDA: Excellent source of protein. Good source of calcium & iron.
• Whole ingredients, clean label. Vacuum packed for convenience.
• Delicious & nutrient dense to match.
• Pre-marinated & fully cooked/ready-to-eat; eat cold or just sear/heat.
• Rooted in traditional, artisanal methods yet innovative & convenient.
• Health-boosting, immune-boosting spices including: Garlic, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, coriander, black pepper.
• Minimally processed soy products may reduce the risk of a range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, coronary heart disease, some cancers as well as improve bone health.

About Hodo
Hodo is an award-winning, innovative, and artisan tofu, yuba and plant-based company. Hodo’s plant-based meat- and egg-alternative foods and tofu are made with organic, non-GMO soybeans and are protein-rich, nutrient-dense, gluten-free, and vegan (of course). Featuring bold, global flavors in convenient, ready-to-eat formats, Hodo is tasty right out of the box.

Every day, Hodo is building a more environmentally sustainable food system. Beginning with one farmer’s market stand and growing to serve stores and restaurants nationwide, Hodo is committed to organic, whole ingredients and crafting better-for-you plant-based foods that are always delicious.

Hodo is a leading brand at Whole Foods, Target, Publix, and Natural Grocers. Hodo is also available through meal kits and grocery delivery such as Sunbasket and Imperfect Foods.

Hodo supplies ingredient-driven foodservice partners such as Chipotle (the Sofritas), sweetgreen, corporate campus restaurants from Google to Facebook, chef-driven counter service such as Superiority Burger, and Michelin-starred restaurants such as State Bird Provisions and Single Thread.

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