Virginia SEO Company RevBuilders wants customers to know their SEO and on-page budgets remain safe while they rethink AdWords campaigns.

Google recently announced a seemingly small change that has major implications for AdWords brands. The change, which was effective Oct. 4, makes it possible for automatic campaigns to spend up to twice a brand’s average daily budget. The internet giant said the update was to help brands reach “advertising goals, like clicks and conversions.” Companies and advertisers of all types sounded off in the wake of the announcement via Google’s forums and social media platforms like Twitter, and most people didn’t seem happy.

One issue advertisers pointed out is that the new policy means campaigns can run out of budget by the middle of each month. From Google’s standpoint, that’s fine, because it meant the advertiser met their goals for the month. But savvy online brands know that ticking click and conversion boxes is only half the story: consistent exposure across all the appropriate channels is worth a lot. Couple that with the fact that many people have to see something half a dozen or more times before taking action and removing ads from rotation half of each month can be detrimental to companies.

Google seems to be relying on the fact that some days budgets will still be under average, stretching campaigns longer throughout the month. Still, advertisers are worried, and this throws a new wrench in calculations and management of every campaign.

This change from Google is just another thing that points to the importance of great content marketing. Your AdWords budget might run low at the end of this month, but the blog posts, social engagement and on-page marketing you invest in create long-term ROI over time. Yes, brands need to spread marketing efforts across several channels, but you also need a great foundation to support it all.

Virginia SEO company RevBuilders helps brands create and maintain that foundation. Owner Scot Small has been in the SEO and internet marketing business for almost two decades, and his brand (and many of his clients) have weathered myriad SERP and SEO storms. Remaining calm, making decisions based on data and leaning on foundations when pillars start to shake let brands come through changes intact. Companies that are worried about the new AdWords update can contact RevBuilders to discuss a plan of action to bolster SEO and content marketing efforts.

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