Dallas, TX, April 09, 2018 –(PR.com)– NetModeSolutions.com, a premier IT and Network Equipment reseller in the US, becomes one of the latest IT companies to join the cloud movement, in addition to remaining a network hardware provider. The move toward selling direct to small and medium sized businesses is geared to help the end users to save money by removing links in the network equipment resale chain. Prior to this focus on direct sales to end users NetModeSolutions.com predominantly sold to other brokers, who in turn sold to end users. By becoming a cloud partner NetModeSolutions.com has positioned itself to be a significant player in the customer direct network equipment resale market and helping the local market customers, navigate the new age of IOT.

According to its CEO, "Over the last 15 years we have been a go-to source for out-of-channel Cisco resellers. By joining the cloud and moving into services, we are able to better serve our end users. Research encouraged this move upmarket and pass along greater savings to small and medium sized businesses."

NetModeSolutions.com will continue to be independent of Cisco's authorized reseller program and is not affiliated with Cisco or authorized to sell through Cisco's distribution channels. This gives NetModeSolutions.com a huge flexibility to source both new and used products globally at prices below authorized resellers discounts. This also provides NetModeSolutions.com with the ability to sell products that may be on Cisco's delayed or shortage list due to current production problems.

NetModeSolutions.com is a privately held company, that both buys and sells, out of channel, new and used network hardware, from Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Brocade Communications Systems, Redback Networks, Force10 Networks, F5 Networks and phone equipment, from Avaya. NetModeSolutions.com operates globally having done business in 95 countries, and on every continent (except Antarctica). To find out more, please visit www.NetModeSolutions.com.

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