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DENVER, CO, June 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Here are the Top-10 core concepts to consider, in AI in sales force automation, management and technology.

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1 – Validate your AI Business, Product, Strategy now in order to make AI pay for itself.

Understand how AI can provide real ROI, TCO, along with improved business management.

2 – Build a long term view for using AI for sales force automation.

Build a current pre-AI assessment with desired business goals for AI for staff and processes.

Also realize what AI is today will not be what it is tomorrow.

Realize importantly, that while some sales can be transactional, complex sales and integrations will always require educated humans.

3 – Focus on compelling business issues for AI in customer contact, lead generation, funnel management, along with closing and complex customer order, delivery and support processes.

Along with changing customer patterns and other complex sales issues that you don’t have an immediate solution, or that your business is changing, and you want a new way to solve the problem.

4 – Explore both historical and new data – neither is important alone but both working together, can find weaknesses and opportunities for AI.

Sales history and forecasts is certainly any guide for the future, AI can provide insights and potential actions to be taken.

5 – Build for changing sales data analytics – more than just a better data “algorithm” model, build an ever evolving data modeling process.

Incorporate a “AI Sales Standards” approach into sales content development processes.

6 – Sales tracking and testing – simulate and then test against and across customers, to determine needed adjustment to successful sales efforts.

7 – Build an “ever-evolving” AI sales business model.

– what is the goal and how does this AI system or approach fit into an immediate and long-term business model using AI as well

For internal or external sales teams efforts to gain-retain customers.

8 – Sales ethics – issues and answers as the costs are real and your reputation is at risk.

It isn’t just about cheating on tests but any company culture of deception, deceit and dishonesty.

In many cases, companies are required to certify their anti-corruption policies.

9 – Governance and compliance is coming along with industry if not international standards.

AI technology can always be used for harm and data security should always be paramount.

This means AI needs to be real for sales efforts, not just the “wild west” anymore if ever it should have been.

And AI issues and answers presented and that always be elusive issues, for internal, channel and customer privacy and cybersecurity.

10 – Anticipate the worst possible consequences of sales efforts, to be ready for unanticipated consequences.

Bottom-line – No one or “AI sales machine thing” can anticipate what will happen, from the use of any other AI technology other than to expect,
both the worst and the best may emerge.

Email or call 303-594-1694. This course is developed and delivered by Tom Cross author of three published books on AI and producer/publisher of the first book on sales force automation. More on his work can be found on and

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