Dr. James Murtagh, a doctor in critical and pulmonary care and sleep medicine specialties, remains committed to his craft.

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. James Murtagh, a doctor in critical and pulmonary care and sleep medicine specialties, remains committed to his craft. Whether running his medical practice or polishing off some medical writing, it’s been a busy time for him. His professional success continues to open up doors for him.

Dr. Murtagh first jumped into specializing in critical care and pulmonary medicine because he became interested in the management and treatment of critically ill patients.

This includes those in intensive care units or with lung disease issues. These specialties often involve the use of advanced medical technology and procedures and close collaboration with other medical professionals.

Critical care and pulmonary medicine can offer the opportunity to make a significant impact on patient outcomes and save lives.

Education has always played a considerable role in Dr. Murtagh’s success. He is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and graduated with high honors. He also worked in education at Emory University as an Associate Professor in Medicine.

When working in education, he quickly developed a love of writing. Figuring out how many ways he could contribute to advancing medicine beyond practicing gave him new, exciting ideas.

The writing aspect came naturally to Dr. James Murtagh once he started. He excels in an era where so many doctors are too busy to craft written pieces.

Staying connected to the writing and ethics department makes a lot of sense for Dr. Murtagh. He knows that medical professionals rely on top-notch writing and articles to learn.

Dr. James Murtagh founded a medical ethics consulting group in the last few years. Named Team Integrity, he wanted to focus on technical, medical writing and keeping the medical industry accountable.

He focuses on what he knows best and puts together pieces read by other medical professionals and those interested in healthcare.

Telemedicine, specifically in Dr. James Murtagh’s field, can explode in popularity. Many doctors and patients have seen what it can do over the last few years.

It has a chance to revolutionize how people approach medicine. Dr. Murtagh could help the industry as a whole and extend his career. Having the chance to keep up with more patients and give them the convenience of not having to come into the office benefits everyone.

The commitment to the craft remains easy for Dr. Murtagh. Others might feel some burnout after 40+ years, but he still keeps going.

Dr. James Murtagh is passionate about his career and wants to see future generations take medical care to another level. By writing and promoting medical ethics, he hopes to pass down some of his knowledge in a unique way.

He maintains a personal website for additional updates and information on what he’s currently up to. His website allows him to write about other topics, such as movie reviews and other pieces more on the hobby side of things.

More on Dr. James Murtagh

Dr. Murtagh is a doctor specializing in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Since 1982, he’s been a self-employed medical doctor working in the industry.

He’s also worked as an associate professor of medicine at Emory University and continues writing about his areas of expertise.

A big believer in telemedicine, he hopes to contribute to advancements in that discipline in the coming years. His focus on writing and ethics translates well to educating future doctors just getting started.

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