Dr. Barbara Taber has released the season finale of her series, “Take It or Leave It” plus two new chapters from her book of the same name. This underscores Dr. Taber’s commitment to addressing challenging topics while making them easy to understand.

SUFFOLK, VA, April 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Barbara Taber, host of the groundbreaking podumentary series “Take It Or Leave It,” has announced the highly anticipated season two finale, set to debut on April 26th. Alongside the season finale, Dr. Taber will also be releasing chapters 5 and 6 of her debut book, “Take It Or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter.”

Since its inception, the “Take It Or Leave It” podumentary has captivated audiences with its timely and timeless approach to tackling difficult issues. With engaging production values and our fearless host, Dr. Taber’s show is a cultural touchstone and must-see online series. To date, Dr. Taber has consistently turned in thought-provoking and insightful shows that leave viewers eager for more.

Now, the eighth episode and season two finale is ready to launch, and it is essential viewing for anyone concerned about the current state of the United States and world overall. In this episode, Dr. Taber takes on a range of pressing issues, including the economy, border crisis, civil rights, elections, and more. The looming threat of Donald Trump’s impending presidential run and his role in the January 6th insurrection is also a major topic of discussion.

“The goal of ‘Take It or Leave It’ has always been to address the real issues affecting our country,” says Dr. Taber. “In today’s political climate, it’s crucial that we have honest conversations about the challenges we’re facing. I’m proud to use my platform to amplify diverse perspectives and voices that might not otherwise be heard.”

With her characteristic wit and wisdom, Dr. Taber fearlessly tackles these complex topics, shedding light on critical issues that affect us all. Don’t miss this powerful finale that is sure to leave viewers informed and inspired.

In addition to the season finale, Dr. Taber will also be releasing chapters 5 and 6 of her debut book “Take It Or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter.” The title might sound similar to her podumentary, but make no mistake, this living, breathing work of art is only loosely related to the show, and has already captured the hearts of readers worldwide with its engaging narrative and authentic voice.

The long-awaited addition of these new chapters promises to take readers on an emotional journey of self-discovery and personal growth, featuring a rich tapestry of new characters and anecdotes that are at times humorous, heartbreaking, and always compelling. Dr. Taber’s unique writing style allows her to revise and update previously released material in real-time, creating an immersive and dynamic reading experience, replete with chapter-end bits of wisdom.

“My debut book has been a passion project of mine, and I’m thrilled to be releasing the season two finale and the latest chapters of my book,” shares Dr. Taber, candidly. “I hope that my audience finds both the podumentary and the book insightful, engaging, and inspiring. As always, I look forward to continuing the conversation and exploring new ideas in the future.”

With the release of these latest chapters and the exciting season two finale in tow, Dr. Taber is at the top of her game with the energy of somebody who’s only just getting started! As always, she hopes others will join her in the pursuit of fresh insights and engaging ideas, but above all, truth.

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To explore Dr. Taber’s debut book, “Take It Or Leave It: Renaissance Woman with a Threadbare Filter,” please visit her special author website here.

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