The single has already gained buzz on social media and is expected to be a hit on streaming platforms.

HOUSTON, TX, April 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — In a world of judgement and comparison, Courtney Bonds’ upcoming single ‘Same Ol” is a breath of fresh air. Self-love and self-awareness hugely inspired the alternative R&B record, which will be available on all streaming platforms on April 14th, 2023.

“This song applies to anyone who’s been in a romantic relationship where they didn’t feel seen, heard or valued” explains Bonds, “now they’re aware that their negative experiences with this person have been repeatable.” The title stems from the phrase ‘same old’, referring to something that hasn’t changed, an apt choice for the concept of this song. For Courtney Bonds, who was born and raised in Southern USA, the local dialect sees the ‘D’ fade away, and so the title becomes the authentic ‘Same Ol”.

Produced and mixed by Kartier281, a Houston-based producer who’s worked with artists like Yung Bleu and Inayah, ‘Same Ol” boasts a slick, contemporary R&B persona. Opening with ambient piano and captivating textures, the impact of R&B-inspired beats kick in, accompanied by the velvety voice of Bonds, who dives headfirst into the chorus with “Same ol’ song, same ol’ wrong”.

The chorus is catchy, and the overall vibe of the track is light-hearted and nostalgic.

Beautiful harmonies enhance the minimal but effective instrumentation and production, and there’s an easy ebb and flow to the track. The post-chorus syllabic ‘Ri-i-ight’ is melodic and dynamic, while the fast-paced phrasing of the middle 8 highlights Courtney Bonds’ vocal dexterity. There’s a playful element to the record, especially in the outro, which gives Bonds’ vocals some space, as her voice contorts and contrasts artfully throughout the final bars.

Courtney Bonds was born into music. Her first introduction to singing was through her parents, as she watched them perform on the Praise Teams in church, a highly respected position, as only a select group of people from large choirs were chosen. Along with her parents, Bonds became part of a vocal trio, and together they sang throughout Houston, where Bonds crafted her stage presence and carved out her path for a dream career in music.

Courtney Bonds’ debut music video, ‘Yours’, released in 2020, was written, directed, styled and cast by Bonds herself, as she brought her music to life visually. Collaboration is also an important part of her career, so far working with the likes of Demola Violinist, Quinton Sampson and Martell Lacey. Going forward, Courtney Bonds has big plans with performances scheduled in Houston and Dallas, alongside further collaborations with multiple artists throughout the year. Her energetic spirit, and fusion of R&B, Neo Soul, Gospel and pop genres, demonstrate Courtney Bonds’ versatility and talent as a true artist.

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