The President of the world’s 1st Crypto-State made a statement outside the UN headquarters in New York. After his video address, he announced plans to launch a staking program for W$C.

NEW YORK, NY, May 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Just over a month since the advent of the world’s 1st Crypto State, The World State (TWS) is already setting trends.

The recent presidential election ended in victory for Marwan Elbliety, an ordinary American citizen living in New York City who advocates for the benefits of a decentralized State model and vows to combat racism at all levels. He managed to win over thousands of TWS citizens, defeating formidable competitors such as Eddy Rudward, founder of the World Freedom Party, and Steven Ascher, an influencer deeply vested in the power of NFTs and Web3.

Elbliety made TWS history, not just as its first president, but also through significant contributions to the TWS community.

Thanks to his Presidential Bill, several key measures were enacted:
1. A 25% share of The World State’s Q2 revenues will be distributed among all active TWS citizens (NFT Passport holders).
2. The “TWS NFT Passport for $1” limited-time promotion was launched, attracting over 80,000 applications for the NFT passport within just a week! The promotion, only offering whitelist slots to the top 10,000 most active applicants, continues until June 1.
3. All NFT collections approved on the TWS Marketplace will provide at least 100 freemints for citizens (NFT Passport holders), further enhancing the appeal of TWS citizenship.

Elbliety stirred excitement when he made a live video address to the Crypto State, filmed directly outside the United Nations headquarters in New York – a level of transparency and connection to the real world that is unmatched in other crypto projects. He also answered questions from the Polygon community during a live Twitter Spaces session, bolstering trust in the project.

What’s Next for The World State Post-Election?

The ongoing TWS presidential elections add a new layer of intrigue, with Marwan Elbliety, already known for his community-focused approach, facing off against newcomer Max Stone. The candidates have strikingly different visions: President Marwan believes it’s time to focus on developing the official project coin, the World$tateCoin (W$C), and proposes the development of staking programs. His opponent, on the other hand, suggests citizen identification and tax implementation for rapid Treasury replenishment and increased citizen initiative funding.

A robust and growing W$C versus crypto-community identification and higher taxes – the choice soon falls to the people.

The World State continues to set a thrilling precedent in the world of blockchain governance.

About The World State

The World State is the first-ever decentralized Crypto State, fully driven by smart contracts and integrating NFT technology into its ecosystem. It’s a NEXT-GEN NFT project, with an ecosystem that is built entirely on NFT technology and the direct interaction between NFT Passport owners – which is the key NFT in TWS – and the blockchain protocol.

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