Seminar on Tuesday April 11, 2023 at 10 am PST ” AI Moratorium, Yes or No, the Hidden Agenda ”

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As the world races towards the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is crucial to ensure that its development and use are responsible and ethical. To address this pressing issue, a panel of experts will be discussing the AI Moratorium, Yes or No, the Hidden Agenda, in an upcoming online seminar.

An esteemed panel of global experts, led by Karl Seelig, the founder of chainBLX SPC and a seasoned curator of Digital Davos for more than five years, will delve into the crucial matter of balancing the advantages and risks of AI through ethical and responsible investments and development.

The seminar will provide a straightforward explanation of AI and its functions, followed by a deep dive into its economic and social impact on various countries and industries. The panel will also share their views on whether businesses can remain competitive without utilizing AI.

Furthermore, the seminar will analyze the potential risks of AI and its influence on society, including the likelihood of AI becoming self-aware and its consequences. The panel will also discuss the role of AI in upcoming elections, building on the influence of Cambridge Analytica in previous elections, and where investors should concentrate their VC investments in AI, Biotech, Blockchain, Space, Real Estate, or Renewable Energy.

In conclusion, the panel will examine whether it is rational to have the same kind of supervision for AI as for other significant sectors, such as FCC, SEC, and FDA, and the benefits and drawbacks of such supervision.

This online seminar is an exceptional opportunity to join the conversation on the responsible and ethical development of AI.

The upcoming online seminar welcomes public participation, offering the opportunity to post pre-seminar questions, engage in discussions, and network with fellow attendees. To register, simply click on this link:

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