The newly released web series Body Complications, has wrapped its first season and is now already on its way to its second.  The series follows two young ladies who are roommates dealing with the consequences of always turning up at the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting the wrong serial killer?  You would understand that if you have watched the series. Which you all should!

The main two ladies are played by Calsey Langton, who created the series and Lilly Dennis.  They play crazed characters of Lucy and Andy, Lucy comes home from a date with a dead body in the trunk of her car and Andy helps her pick up the pieces, literally.  The series to develops into a big mess of dead bodies, meddlesome neighbors, annoying detectives and more dead bodies.  Everything that occurs in this series is sure to leave you either in shock or rolling over in laughter.

The series was produced by Langton Productions, which very quickly gathered a huge social media following due to its specialized genre of horror productions.  The entire series is written with great wit and intelligence and we are sure the next season will be bigger and better than the last.  You can stay up to date on everything Body Complications and so much more at