Nursing & Behavioral Health Services (NBHS), a Georgia based consulting firm, specialize in starting, managing and growing personal care businesses nationally. I have seen nurses work themselves to death and retire with little to nothing. That is not the way it is supposed to be. Business ownership should be the reality for all nurses, especially in the personal care business arena. Why? Because they are doing what is innate and seemingly comes natural to them – caring for people. Thus, with a Virginia Nursing License, NBHS can assist in transitioning you from employee to entrepreneur status.

NBHS provides an array of business models that include home care, adult day, specialty group homes, assisted living homes, host homes and many more. We also provide a plethora of other services that are essential to running the day-to-day affairs of these businesses. For example, corporation formation, training and development, record auditing, website development, marketing materials, program, policies and procedures.

For more detailed information regarding this information, please visit our website at or call us at 800-214-2611. Also, if any of our consultation features meet your needs while on our website, we invite you to please schedule a consultation with us.

Additionally, I recently read an article that exposed nurses as being the primary bread winner in the home which includes paying for their children’s college education and still not having any meaningful savings to fall back upon. A stark resemblance of the little appreciation the world even has for teachers. Yet, nurses with a Virginia Nursing License and with our expertise, you can become a self-sufficient and successful business owner in a very short period of time. You would also be positioned to realize what it’s like to take family vacations and return whenever one desires. Not to mention, Virginia has a huge demand for providers of ID and DD group homes.

Thus, it should be no surprise that starting an ID and DD group home in Virginia comes with some very impressive perks. In fact, some of its attractions shame most other states. They include (1) Not needing to buy a home before applying (2) Competitive daily per diems (3) A well-defined application process (4) Over 10K on waiting list for a home and (5) 35K in Monthly revenue.

On a more personal note, my nursing resume includes former level-one trauma, sub-acute care and psychiatric nurse. I am well familiar with the cart pushing syndrome, multiple checks and very long work hours. In reality, I was getting nowhere fast with the part-time, full time – work myself in the grave mentality. To make things worse, in most settings I have worked, I realized I had a greater skillset and more knowledge than the higher authority. This does not have to be you as I have seen nurses run some of the best group homes nationally. Particularly, being a Virginia Nurse and having a Virginia Nursing License can give you that opportunity to change the lives of people in great need
– the Intellectually Disabled (ID) and Developmentally Disabled (DD) populations.

NBHS invites you to visit our website at or phone us to schedule a consultation by calling: 800.214.2611. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Thank you NBHS! Our Virginia Group Home is open and we have 2 residents. Clara H., RN – Fairfax, VA From the initial consultation to the research phase, we were comfortable with this company. Thanks. Tara S., FNP – Salem, VA
Your company rocks! Our ID home is open for business in less than a year. Vivian J., LPN – Richmond, VA
NBHS is awesome. They got our home licensed and developed all our policies. Very professional. Mark K., MD – Norfolk, VA
Took just 9 months and we are fully licensed and have 3 Individuals. Kasey C. – Roanoke, VA