Are you students wishing to learn your lessons easily? Opt for the pedagogical tools as the automatic text summarizer. Whether it is a scientific text, an argumentative or a literary book commentary, this tool will help you to go straight there while surpassing yourself.

Relevant summaries at rendezvous

There are numerous automatic text summary tools; though, those that are designed with an algorithm base allowing you to deal with the semantic field of the sentences remain relevant. Currently, among the most used, there is undoubtedly Resoomer. This automatic summarizer is appreciated for its algorithm and for it is free. Your new text will be of the most relevant since your tool has allowed you to extract the main ideas to obtain a new shorter one.

An extension compatible to each browser

To make everyone happy, Resoomer has created extensions that can be incorporated with every browser whatsoever for Google Chrome, Mozilla or Opera. Just choose the extension that is compatible with the browser that you are using and you will have a summary maker at your disposal. Therefore, you will be able to improve your results by emphasising your syntheses from your summaries.

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