Lays out 7 concrete strategies for a novel career-first approach to addressing equity gaps across the lifelong learner journey.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, March 16, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pragya Systems, a pioneering startup backed by ed-tech veterans, has published a new equity whitepaper that argues that career outcomes should be front and center of equity efforts at higher education institutions. Going beyond traditional DEI approaches, the whitepaper proposes making career readiness a central element of the strategy. The paper identifies two important factors in reducing the inequality arising from intergenerational transmission of income, education, and social connections: career awareness and learning choices that are focused on career relevant skills.

Financial barriers and inadequate academic resources prior to college are well recognized barriers. However, a myriad of other factors influence the outcome for students of color as well, including lack of exposure to unfamiliar career options, exposure to relevant role models, and socio-cultural barriers. The trend of enrollment declines continues its decline, especially among those institutions serving Black, Latino, and Indigenous students and students from low-income backgrounds. A disproportionately small number of women pick STEM pathways. Post enrollment, the success gap is stark as well. A recent study found that of 39 million students who left higher education without receiving a credential, non-white learners comprised a staggering 33M of that group.

All this contributes to the continuing systemic inequities in higher education.

Drawing from experience working with several leading institutions, the authors have laid out 7 concrete strategies for a novel career-first approach to addressing equity gaps across 3 phases of the learner journey.

1. Engage with prospective students from inquiry to matriculation to help them make ROI-informed enrollment decisions that lead to better persistence and long term career outcomes.
2. Use career readiness as a north star for learner engagement throughout their academic journey
3. Lifelong learning to help working learners plan their career growth with skills progression, connect them to ongoing learning opportunities, and stackable credentials.

The complete whitepaper is available for free download on Pragya’s website.

About Pragya Systems :

Pragya’s lifelong career compass helps working learners and students align their learning pathways to careers and jobs. Pragya offers solutions for colleges and training organizations to workforce boards & employers while helping training and learner support organizations scale their impact and improve outcomes.

The Pragya team has decades of experience in Education, Healthcare, AI and content delivery.

Pragya is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and backed by some of the ed-tech industry’s top investors and advisors. It is a winner of the NSF SBIR grant, and one of 8 semifinalist companies selected for the prestigious global XPRIZE Rapid Re-skilling competition.

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