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MURPHY, NC, April 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Avery Stone and Linda Black are in love and live on Sanibel Island. They are in a rut but don’t know if the other feels the same way. While on a charter, Avery, a fishing guide, runs over a body in the back bay, and the sheriff (their high school bully) arrests him. After Linda gets him out, their lives change forever. The excitement they both craved comes at them non-stop. They run into corrupt officials, A Nile Crocodile that shouldn’t be in the everglades, A friend with a treasure map, and a long-extinct Calusa Indian spirit that speaks through Lin, asking for help. All while trying to relocate a group of abused immigrants to an abandoned fishing camp in the everglades. There are lots of infectious, funny moments throughout the book. The two big and capable men are constantly being saved by the strong women surrounding them, which gets increasingly embarrassing.

– Professional Photographer for the last thirty-seven years. Have raised four sons who are grown and gone. My writing experience consists of hundreds of articles to go along with my photos. Advertising and human-interest stories for magazines and newspapers. This book came about out of frustration of waiting for my favorite authors to deliver a new story, i.e., Sanders, Grafton, Leonard, and Patterson. As much as I love to read, I hoped I would love to write. I do. So, this first book was born.

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