Hillary Clinton hasn’t latched up the Democratic nomination nonetheless, however rumors area unitwhirling already regarding her doable vice presidential decide. And one among the names that’s floating out there, a minimum of among some within the native punditry category, is that of Atlantacivil authority Kasim Reed.A local tv crew on Wednesday asked the two-term Atlanta civil authority, UN agency appeared with Clinton at a campaign event last week, whether or not he’s been approached. He answered it themethod just about any politician would:I don’t have any inquire into that. I don’t understand something regarding it. the sole issue I’mcentered on is being the civil authority of town of Atlanta and going out and doing a good job for Secretary Clinton and ensuring she’s future president. I feel regarding this campaign the method I felt in 2012 once President Obama was running.I don’t assume any yank will sit and watch what’s happening in our national discourse and not need to urge concerned on one aspect or the opposite. we’ll hash it out and decide a president. I haven’t been asked to be thought-about for the vice presidency. I don’t understand something this. the sole issueI’m centered on is being civil authority.Recall, too, that Sen. David Perdue has answered similar questions on the likelihood of being anominee.

Reed additionally told our AJC colleague Scott Trubey that Democrats ought to calculate Donald Trump to be the GOP campaigner.

“I expect adult male. Trump to be the campaigner unless they engineer the way to require the nomination from him. He’s either about to be the campaigner or there area unit about to be plenty of individuals UN agency voted for him that area unit about to have plenty of frustration as a result of to avoid him being the campaigner they’re about to got to engineer the way to stop him from obtainingit.”