Offering Unparalleled Freedom for Freelance Lawyers

WASHINGTON, DC, June 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Scott Moncrieff (Scomo), an innovative virtual law firm based in London, UK, announces the opening of its new office in Washington DC. This expansion into the United States marks a significant milestone for the firm as it revolutionizes the legal industry by providing freelance lawyers with unmatched freedom and support.

Under a new partnership, Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC seeks District of Columbia licensed, freelance attorneys with a minimum of 5 years of professional experience to join their team in Washington DC. The firm offers competitive compensation, prioritizing attorneys’ well-being and work-life balance. With a strong emphasis on support and guidance, Scomo empowers its attorneys to deliver exceptional service to clients while maintaining flexibility.

Key benefits for Scott Moncrieff freelance attorneys include state-of-the-art case management and accounts systems, comprehensive supervision and guidance, and an attractive 70/30 fee split. Attorneys retain 70 percent of the gross billable fees they generate, with the remaining 30 percent covering support services, liability insurance, IOLTA services along with workstations, meeting rooms, and office services, all provided at no extra cost.

“Scott Moncrieff’s expansion to Washington DC represents a significant step forward for the virtual law firm,” said Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE, partner, and chair of the new firm. “With a focus on transforming the legal landscape, the firm is committed to providing freelance attorneys with unparalleled freedom and support. Our expansion to Washington DC marks a milestone in our mission to revolutionize the legal industry by offering DC lawyers a refreshing and flexible way of working, free from the pressures of KPIs and burdensome admin tasks.”

With over 70 fee earners dispersed across the UK, Scomo has been a leader in remote and agile working for small and medium-sized firms. Their experience in managing remote employees, combined with cutting-edge legal technology, has allowed them to thrive in the ever-evolving legal landscape.

Roland Watt, a non-lawyer partner and chief executive of the new firm, said, “This expansion is an exciting opportunity for us and DC attorneys looking for a change. Following years of experience in the UK, our systems are streamlined and efficient. Our 70/30 fee split works for us and is a golden opportunity for attorneys looking to maximize income.”

Technology is crucial in supporting the firm’s operations and enhancing services for attorneys and clients. Scott Moncrieff’s sophisticated legal tech systems enable attorneys to access various tools and platforms, ensuring efficient collaboration, seamless communication, and the delivery of top-notch legal services. By leveraging technology, the firm has created a virtual practice management model that maximizes billable hours and frees attorneys from time-consuming administrative tasks.

The firm’s dedication to redefining traditional legal practices and empowering attorneys to thrive in a flexible and dynamic environment will significantly impact the legal market in the nation’s capital.

About Scott Moncrieff & Watt, PLLC (Scomo)

Scott Moncrieff & Watt is a DC partnership from the key people at Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd, an established law firm founded in the UK in 1987. With a focus on scalability, cost-effectiveness, and client satisfaction, Scomo operates as a semi-dispersed office, allowing attorneys to work remotely or from downtown Metro Center offices. The firm combines modern legal and information technology with experienced senior practitioners to provide top-notch legal representation in commercial law matters, including intellectual property, dispute resolution, employment, and compliance issues.

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