Company reiterates plans to significantly change the face of remote work, hybrid workplaces and virtual offices

CHICAGO, IL, March 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — World leader in enterprise level resource scheduling software, Epazz, Inc., DeskFlex (OTC Pink: EPAZ), is on track to revolutionize how hybrid working environments operate. With more employees asking for, and employers in larger numbers now open to, hybrid workplaces, the role of online desk scheduling and managing office space has acquired significant importance.

In a presentation to leading corporate clients, real estate owning companies, and rental office building owners, company founder, chairman and CEO Dr. Shaun Passley highlighted that trend by saying: “While pre-pandemic, workers were mandated to embrace in-person work, a very relevant survey, about hybrid worker’s preferences, indicated an overwhelming majority (72%) now believe that flexible working arrangements are here to stay!”

Because employees will no longer use office space 100%, the results of the survey clearly highlighted how critical the need for employees is, to share work space, and to self-manage office space remotely. A company executive, pointed to the results in the survey to underline why online space scheduling is now more critical: “Only 15% of those surveyed want to work from home full-time; while just 20% of respondents said they would like to continue to work full-time at the office. This clearly would leave an overwhelming majority of offices – 65% – underutilized.”

As a provider of mission-critical remote office-space and desk reservation solutions, DeskFlex also supports virtual office environments in the Metaverse. And when that trend becomes mainstream, remote office space sharing will acquire a new dimension. According to Dr. Passley: “Metaverse Virtual Office is now enabled with ‘Epazz Slims’ virtual reality glasses. And the entire suite of web room scheduling and remote booking software, is integrated into our flagship DeskFlex software. These capabilities give DeskFlex clients a competitive edge in bringing efficiencies to their hybrid workplaces.”

Unlike the pre-2019 era, where face-to-face work was the norm, the survey showed that the use of remote collaboration and workplace productivity tools, such as remote meetings and online meeting room bookings, has increased. Over 53% of those surveyed say they regularly use those tools more than they did pre-pandemic.

Employers, landlords, and office-based real estate owners find that the use of room booking applications can dramatically cut costs by maximizing space utilization; helps office administrators and maintenance teams manage booking issues remotely, and save time throughout the process by simplifying reservations; and empowers employees to reserve desks, work space and meeting rooms, critical equipment, and other work-related resources quickly.

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