Company discusses plans for supporting the growing ecosystem of hybrid work with its next-generation workspace management tools

CHICAGO, IL, March 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As a global leader in enterprise room and workspace resource scheduling solutions, Epazz, Inc., DeskFlex (OTC Pink: EPAZ), is ideally positioned to help its clients successfully transition into a new generation of the workplace: Hybrid working! This vision was unveiled by company founder, chairman and CEO Dr. Shaun Passley, at a recent Client Update Session.

The company routinely holds such briefings to provide critical company vision and strategic directional updates to clients and business partners. In previous such events, the company delighted investors and business partners with news of stellar annual revenue increases – of 28% – and a 1,168% increase in its EBITDA metric. A significant part of that performance came as a result of the integration of DeskFlex, the company’s flagship office desk reservation software, with the its futuristic Metaverse Virtual Office platform.

Underscoring his team’s commitment to make post-COVID hybrid work as effortless as possible for the company’s clients, Dr. Passley said: “… our team is now working overtime to cater to different organizations that request customized DeskFlex anti-COVID features and help them return to work…. safely.”

In his address to participants, Dr. Passley also highlighted the growing importance for employers and employees to embrace cutting-edge technology as they make the transition from primarily in-person work, into hybrid workplaces “With more employees sharing workspace, and with a growing trend towards office hoteling arrangements, vast amounts of office space will remain unutilized or underused. Using online facility scheduling is the best way to bring efficiency and cost effectiveness into workplace use.”

In his presentation to a select audience of invite-only participants, Dr. Passley reiterated the company’s support for future workplace vision by introducing cutting-edge features and functionality to its suite of products. The Chicago, ILL-based software and office scheduling solutions developer has a culture of continuous improvement to its products, to support changing workplace dynamics.

“Our recent integration of DeskFlex with the Metaverse Virtual Office platform demonstrates our commitment to work with clients through their transition into hybrid work. Whether it’s giving them highly intelligent lobby kiosks, or empowering their staff with the ability to organize meetings and book office space remotely – if it helps our clients with their vision of hybrid work, then we have a ready-made solution available for them.”

The event concluded with product specialists from various business lines across the company providing a live demonstration of some of the newest features in the company’s product lines.

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