FXB Trading’s partnership programme offers Money Managers and Introducing Brokers the chance to grow revenues by leveraging their client base using our first-class support and marketing services

LONDON, ENGLAND, December 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — FXB Trading is reaching out to money managers and introducing brokers (IB) in online trading with a partnership opportunity that will take your revenue to the next level, and which can expand your business beyond the scope of its current limits.

Our highly successful business model also accommodates affiliate managers and investors who are looking for a vehicle that will provide a new revenue stream without the need for any hands-on involvement in online trading itself.

FXB Trading’s rise in the online trading industry has been a qualified success with exceptional growth achieved in this highly competitive $5 trillion industry over a relatively short period of time. Our success has been underpinned by a formula that combines unbeatable spread prices and industry leading commission rates combined with a support package that is more than a match for anyone in the industry.

Part of our growth has been as a result of partnering with individuals who are looking to grow their networks but need someone who can provide the expertise, tools and incentives necessary to accelerate their own growth.

At FXB Trading, our business model is broad enough to accommodate simple ‘Refer a Friend’ partnerships (which yield $250 per referral) to fully established white labels that have reached their potential in their current guise and are now ready to benefit from new support and marketing services.

FXB is able to provide partners with branded education programmes encompassing webinars, seminars, workshops and events which will maximise your existing traders’ volume and attract new clients.

The FXB model is also able to accommodate investors who are simply looking for a vehicle that can give them a return on the investment without the need to be involved in the day-to-day running of a brokerage.

Wherever you are in the online trading lifecycle, FXB Trading offers a partnership package that can take your revenue beyond its current level and onto a growth path that exploits the full potential of your business.

Affiliate managers, whose strengths lie in the volume of traffic that they can direct as opposed to generating trading volume, benefit from the substantial rewards available from our CPA (Cost per Acquisition) programme.

FXB Trading can boost your marketing efforts by providing proven promotional campaigns, original content and quality creative designs which will increase your traffic. You will also be provided with customisable widgets for your website as well as links for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

FXB’s original content is focuses on highly topical subjects and designed to trigger trading in its readers by identifying opportunities resulting from geo-political events and economic indicator announcements that have a direct effect on the markets.

This content is by highly creative visual aids including banners, graphics and videos which reinforce the message that trading is both highly accessible and potentially profitable.

This media is promoted through a variety of highly accessible and viral channels that employ tracking software that keep potential traders just a click away from stepping into the online trading arena and which have already proven so effective for FXB Trading.

The CPA model pays you for every live account generated from your site, earning affiliates $250 per qualified deposit plus revenue share ranging from 18% to 50%. All commissions are paid directly into the affiliate’s rebate account and are available for withdrawal at any time.

The IB (Introducing Broker) programme earns FXB’s partners ongoing commissions that are highly competitive in the industry. Commission is given in real time for each full transaction, from $2 to $10 per lot round turn depending on the type of account the trade is made from. Every trade your clients close earns you a rebate and that rebate schedule becomes even more attractive as trading volumes from your clients increase.

You can monitor your account movements any time with our partners portal which keeps track of your referrals, campaigns, commissions and payments. We can also help you generate more volume with personalised customer support along with our research and analysis tools. You will also have a personal IB account manager who will on hand to support and assist whenever needed.

Take advantage of our unique trading content including articles, press releases and eBooks which are supported by high quality, targeted banner campaigns which will help you leverage your existing network and gather more clients.

Beyond content, FXB Trading will also create tailored webinars, seminars, workshops and events which are proven to result in increased volume.

Our webinars form an essential part of our comprehensive educational programme which are designed to empower traders to more and try out strategies demonstrated by our skilled traders.

FXB’s seminars have been highly successful in spreading awareness in online trading wherever they’ve taken place. Our experts cover a range of topics including the foundations of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and how to spot and exploit volatility.

Our workshops break down the barriers the hold back potential clients who are interested in online trading but don’t feel equipped to partake in for themselves. The presentations are stimulating and quickly take complete novices to a point where they feel well prepared to take on the challenges of online trading.

Naturally, this level of support is equally available to Multi Account Managers (MAMs) with software that has been especially developed for professional traders who simultaneously use multiple MT4 trading accounts.

At FXB, your accounts are fully customisable so that you can create opportunities your investors will not be able to refuse. Our software automatically calculates your performance fees and commissions enabling you to see precisely what you’ve earned from each of your clients through the reporting system as well as access to your accounts’ payment schedule.

The range of tradable assets at FXB includes CFDs on forex, metals, energies, indices and commodities giving you a broad range to attract clients with.

Your operation can be supported with our leading edge creative and design support which can be branded to your specifications or follow our own highly successful brand recognition strategy.

MAM accounts benefit from highly competitive revenue sharing models and zero implementation costs.

Our MAM tool allows you to execute block orders with one click from your MT4 master account. This automatically allocates trades to your customer sub-accounts in real time. You can also remove an account from the allocation group without closing any master trades.

Established money managers and IBs are often best served through our premium white label partnership which effectively hands over the keys to anyone interested in starting their own brokerage.

The white label is fully customisable and minimises operational costs. It has proved an ideal solution for established banks and brokerage firms with its customisable back office support including CRM.

Our white label solution offers a highly competitive revenue sharing model with attractive tight spreads. You will benefit from real time monitoring functionalities backed up with educational and learning tools and resources in combination with MT4 and web-based platform support.

Our partner portal lets you manage your customers’ accounts, monitor their trading and pull reports on-demand, offering you full transparency into your business.

As well as 24/5 dealing, customer service and technical support, we provide full training and ongoing strategic advice to help grow your business.

Perhaps most importantly, our turn-key solution doesn’t require any heavy input from you. We can have your business up and running quickly, typically within 4-6 weeks.

To take advantage of this opportunity talk to us at FXB Trading. We’ll be happy to hear from you and answer any of your questions. It’s not every day an opportunity like this comes along.

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