We have got some for information throughout the nation about some best rehab center, and this has brought us down to Virginia, the high rate of drug and alcohol addiction in Virginia as made the government set up rehab in this city, they treat mental illnesses, psychological, nutrition and lifestyle to help individuals make good healthy choices in all sectors of their life. In order to rank the centers, we get some facts about the criteria of staff, food and nutrition, overall experience, skills, and regularity and after ranking and sorting the list, we now present the 10 best local resources in Virginia.

1. Prince William family counseling

The first on the list is the Prince William Family counseling rehab, this rehab is more of an outpatient treatment center they provide their service to the adults, couples, families, children and adolescents.
They treat a variety of psychological and mental illnesses including substance abuse. The prince William family rehab is also partner with some other rehab like the Virginia Home Based Counseling,

2. Hope LINE Inc, Leesburg

Hope LINE Inc, Leesburg is the second on the list and is none government organization and also a nonprofit organization it is dedicated to helping treat those who suffer from chemical dependency. The rehab center assessed their clients before they refer them to the appropriate partnering treatment programs that will treat them, some of the treatment programs are inpatient services, hospital-based facilities, outpatient centers, day treatment facilities and halfway house. This organization helps make it possible for everyone to get help regardless of their financial status.

3. Natural Horizons Wellness Center, Fairfax

This Center is a Medical treatment center that looks for help from those who suffer from drug abuse, they join hands with some scientific body for medical approach with counseling for effective treatment to the entire individual and all physiological and mental issues surrounding addiction, that are not optional in their programs are nutrition and lifestyle counseling and so on.

4. Life Line Counseling Center, Fairfax

The fourth on the list and it is an outpatient counseling center which is meant for those who have drug addictions problem and mental illnesses. This center is specialized in the treatment of children and adults with drug abuse problem. in Life Line Counseling Center they take into consideration in research on mental illness, nutrition, and lifestyle approaches and also make use of information to increase the quick and successful recoveries.

5. Independence Club, Springfield

In this center they didn’t work for profit because it is run by those who count health compulsory in all way of life that is it been run and managed by volunteers, it’s goal is to create place for individual person to hold and attend recovery meetings so as for them to meet and mix with people to gain a fast recovery and to help people to reach their aim and purpose as early as possible. Therefore to become a member, you are to become a volunteer in which u have to donate for all the needs in the society so as to help the less privileged ones in the organization.

6. Bethany Hall, Roanoke

Bethany Hall is a non-governmental and non-profit agency that provides long-term residential treatment for women struggling with addiction. Their approach to healing and lasting sobriety is holistic, and their long-term residential programs include treatment for pregnant women, women with children, and programs lasting 30 days or nine months.

7. Pathways Treatment Center, Lynchburg

Pathways Treatment Center is a treatment center for those who are 18+ older, they offer a variety of programs including 12-step support groups, and it is a women’s program and men’s program, and 24/7 continuing care program. There are both outpatient and residential treatment options available depending on the needs of the individual

8. Roanoke Clinic, Roanoke

Roanoke Clinic is a drug addiction treatment center for those who are addicted to opiates like oxycodone, heroin, Percocet, fentanyl, and a lot more; People can be a member in individual, group and family counseling.

9. Victory Home, Chesapeake

Victory Home is a Christian-based facility that seeks to help individuals by focusing on four main purposes this is the essentials, spiritual growth, struggling with addictions work and transition.

10. Recovery for Life, Virginia Beac

Founded and sponsored by a Board of Certified Pastoral Counselor, this agency is faith-based and not meant for making a profit, they are dedicated to helping people who struggle with addictions for finding lasting sobriety. The program they offer includes relapse prevention Virginia Home Based Counseling, for the homeless and for men coming out of the prison system.