NEO2 software / NEO Squared is available exclusively at NEO2 is a simple to use software. A 3 clicks software that anyone can use. It’s simple as that. The NEO2 software / NEO Squared software have three primary functions to enable when using the auto trader:

•Solar Tracker – Just like as it sounds, the Solar Tracker feature will track down the most effective trading signals based on weather and trading algorithm. This is a work made by Dr. Piers and his solar knowledge, and it impacts on the world’s economy and the earth. You can enable the Solar Tracker function by pressing the NEO Sync bottom.

•Trade Algorithm – As simple as it sounds, the Trade Algorithm bottom will just enable/disable the automated trading option with NEO2 software.

•The Yellow Bottom – The last function is the Yellow Bottom. The Yellow Bottom is also as it sounds. It’s a bottom that will combine Trade Algo and Solar Tracker all together to make the most of this powerful software called NEO2 software (NEO Squared).

Now comes the part that we REALLY liked with NEO2 / NEO Squared. In the context of the developing team, NEO2 software brought Michael Freeman as their trading developer! Yes, Michael Freeman, the most influent mentor in the binary options industry. Michael Freeman is a genius. He is a leader in everything that related to binary options trading, from his great Mike’s Auto Trader to his most successful Facebook Group online; Michael Freeman is a binary options expert. Additionally, Michael Freeman has the biggest YouTube community in the world of binary options trading.

NEO2 software / NEO Squared is a successful combination of Dr. Piers’ Solar and weather forecast knowledge with Michael Freeman trading knowledge and abilities. When you look for an auto trader that will give you the best results you can ever imagine, you want to know make sure that the best team in the world worked and developed this auto trader, right? So this is truly the case with NEO2 software. You can only go right when you have in the developing team geniuses like Michael Freeman and Dr. Piers. Their combination is the greatest power in the binary options industry to date.


When we watched the pitch video of NEO2 software, we were taken aback by the incredible ongoing reviews from The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and additional legitimate outlets. Did you ever see a scam being reviewed in leading publications like the above? We didn’t. This is another prove why NEO2 software is a legit auto trader. Anybody can join and trade with NEO2 software. From beginners to professional traders.

The site does not have a single star anywhere to be seen. We have also checked all the images, and didn’t discover a single stock image anywhere. Those are both very good preliminary signals about the quality of this NEO2 software application, however there’s a lot more to the NEO2 software system.

The software will be free during a start-up phase, and I have not been able to ascertain precisely how long that will be. After this period, you will still be able to get a license for the NEO2 software, but their plan is to launch it on

As of now, the software is free to use with a minimum investment of $250. That’s a pretty impressive deal, I must say!