The PortaVia rubber lid fits inside any standard mug or cup. It’s unique because it creates a seal inside your personal mug or cup, making it spill-proof and safe to be taken out the door with you!

VANCOUVER, BC, November 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The most direct and painless way to reduce the billions of disposable cups that go into landfills is to begin to use what we have in a new way. PortaVia is the only universal lid that fits inside standardized drinking mugs or cups. This lid allows you to take your mug to-go! We can now actively participate in creating a greener future for our planet by reducing our impact, one cup at a time.

The vast majority of mugs and cups in our cupboards are already ergonomically standardized to the average person’s mouth. The PortaVia lid creates a tight seal inside your mug or cup of choice making it spill-proof and safe to be taken mobile throughout the day. Your favourite mug or cup can now become a personal expression amidst our throwaway consumer culture. Bring a piece of home with you around town; it’s like being able to wear your favourite shirt everyday.

What sets the PortaVia apart from any other travel mug you may ask? First, the PortaVia allows you to get the most out of your tea and coffee experience.

Our favourite warm beverages are best enjoyed in ceramic or glass since these materials do not alter the taste. Second, the PortaVia lid reduces your contact with harmful carcinogens found in polystyrene lids, which begin to off gas when the plastic is heated up. Third, the PortaVia bypasses the demand of single-use cups, lids and sleeves by being more convenient and user friendly, starting right at home with the mugs and cups you already own.

We believe lasting change happens at a cultural level. If each of us uses the mugs and cups we already have and love, we can begin to make the change we need, one mug of coffee at a time.

PortaVia was designed and created by Louis Dombowsky. As an industrial designer, he is passionate about coffee and issues around sustainability. PortaVia is changing the way the beverage industry thinks about disposable waste. By enabling people to use the mugs and cups they already have there will be not only savings in energy and material consumption but also reducing the waste going into landfills. PortaVia is creating change in consumer behaviour that is ecologically sustainable and economically beneficial.

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