Pet Parents and Veterinary Partners given an Eco-Conscious and Compassionate Pet Cremation alternative

STUART, FL, January 25, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — SafePassages Pet Cremation (SPPC) is commencing operations February 1st, and has developed a state-of-the-art facility in Indiantown, FL that specializes in delivering compassionate and transparent pet cremation services for clients in the Central and South Florida regions. SafePassages was founded to provide Pet Parents peace of mind, and to be a disruptor in the pet cremation industry by implementing the most technologically advanced and cleanest burning animal cremation equipment in the market.

“We saw a need in this space,” said Margo Siewert, President and General Partner of SafePassages, “and that was for a fully trackable, transparent, and compassionate process that will give families comfort. They’ve lost a family member, and being able to monitor the stages of the cremation process from the time of the pet’s passing through to the return of their remains will help to provide the closure they deserve.” SafePassages has developed case-management software and QR code tracking for their clients that is date/time stamped and tracks each step of the process from the moment the pet has been picked up from a client’s home or veterinarian office, to when the cremains are returned to the owners. “What’s more,” Ms. Siewert continued, “we wanted to give our clients immediate closure, so we ensure the return in under a week—for most locations, within 72 hours.”

In addition to concentrating on the pet parent experience, SPPC’s founding team also carefully considered the environmental impact of the cremation process. “We worked with the equipment manufacturer to do a redesign on the crematorium units so that they would achieve the lowest emission thresholds in the industry,” said Bryan Roth, CEO and General Partner. “Our machines consume an average of 18 gallons of fuel per day vs the competition that averages 35-40 gallons. We also partnered with a wood manufacturing company here in the US that utilizes reclaimed and recycled products to create beautifully crafted wood boxes that the cremains are returned in. For every custom package they produce, our packaging partner then plants a tree in loving memory of the pet. And there is even a QR code so that the family can track where their pet’s tree is planted.”

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