RevBuilders wants SMBs to know about Google’s simple four-step plan, as laid out by Forbes expert Denis Pinksy, which makes it easy to find a Virginia SEO company that works for any brand.

Pinsky breaks down a four-step evaluation process that he says is Google-recommended. The process is one that online brands can use when shopping for SEO providers, and it doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of search engines. Instead, it employs some top tips used in hiring other staff or vendors and a third step that is completely unique to the SEO niche.

The process starts with an interview process, and Pinsky says it’s important to ensure questions and communications go both ways. SMBs might be used to letting vendors do the talking, after which decisions are made based on data presented. SEO is too complex to go this route, so SMBs need to be prepared with questions. When asked about initial client meetings, representatives from RevBuilders were on board with this type of thinking: “We need to hear from the client; our job is to learn what the client needs and make it happen, but we can’t do that without a lot of communication.”

The second step in Google’s plan involves checking references. SMBs can read online reviews and check out potential Virginia SEO companies online, but they might also ask for testimonials or previous client references.

Finally, SMBs can test the waters with a new SEO firm by purchasing a site audit or asking for a full consultation about what needs to change with current SEO practices. Working together through this process lets businesses get a feel for how the SEO firm operates and what improvements they might actually be able to make. Pinksy does warn SMBs to take this third step only after careful consideration of the first two. He notes that brands will have to hand over some analytic and site access for a comprehensive audit.

The fourth step in the Google-recommended plan is ongoing. It involves constantly testing and looking to improve SEO. Content-marketing guru Neil Patel frequently says that the work of content marketing is never done, and SEO is part of that work.

Brands that decide to take on this four-point evaluation process might consider Virginia SEO companies such as RevBuilders during their search. RevBuilders works with SMBs to develop viable, long-term SEO strategies that get companies found online.

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