Deontay Wilder’s former nemesis has unlocked the key to a better life.

NEW YORK, NY, February 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — When Harold Sconiers was a boxer, he knocked down former WBC champion Deontay Wilder for the first time. And he could have changed the course of boxing history had he continued on his path.

Alas, however, Sconiers chose something completely different – and changed the course of his life instead.

In addition to having a wildly successful limited series podcast called Divine Alchemy: Biospiritual Purification with Harold Sconiers — which is available on all podcast platforms, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Amazon — Sconiers has discovered the secret to immortality – or something close to it – and is sharing it with the world.

“Unlike other anti-aging products, Immortality uses energetic coding to turn back one’s biological clock. It instructs every cell of the individual to return to its younger state,” he explains. “This product, Immortality, is differentiated by using energy codes to send the body into a regenerative state. This intervention is primarily energetic, or frequency based. Yet it sparks a chain reaction that clearly manifests physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual results, often in just days.”

But it must be made clear that the Immortality program isn’t just about taking a “magic potion” and magically getting younger overnight. Rather, Sconiers’ program encourages a whole-body approach – a holistic approach, if you will – to living your best life. The approach includes shifting to a fruit-based diet, proper exercise and sleep, and positive affirmations…the latter of which is covered by Sconiers in his free proprietary apps, which will soon be available on Google Play and Apple.

And, Sconiers promises, there is more to come.

“There are many other vibrational remedies and alchemical formulas that I would like to promote following the launch of this product,” he said. “There are tonics that automatically release past trauma from the body. Others allow an individual to see his or her choices in life from an elevated and more enlightened perspective. Certain remedies supercharge an individual’s brain function. There are numerous vibrational products that all have a powerful life-changing effect on the user.”

Sconiers may not be able to help you live forever…but you can come pretty close to it.

Immortality is available at

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