Many wonder ‘What is the secret to success?’ in their field.  Pamela Kelly’s story reveals this may not be a secret at all; just the willingness to work hard and truly demand excellence of oneself.

ST. LOUIS, MO, December 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Results are recognized and rewarded in optimally performing businesses. This has certainly been the case for Pamela Kelly, Executive Assistant to Don Chamberlin, Chief Executive Officer of the Chamberlin Group.  Pamela has achieved excellence in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Healthcare and many other areas through her experience as an Executive Assistant. Her accomplishments demonstrate her hard work and dedication to the profession, which has won her the praise of her past and present employers.

“To achieve excellence you must be passionate about everything you do, be willing to do the hard work and never stop learning.” -Pamela Kelly
During her tenure at the Chamberlin Group, a Tax and Wealth Management firm, Ms. Kelly has accomplished many things, not the least of which has been her work as the Project Manager and her key relationship with the marketing department.  Her ability to streamline multiple processes is widely depended upon by her colleagues and superiors. This seemingly simple practice has done a lot for time management within the Chamberlin Group. Ms. Kelly’s efforts must be deliberate, consistent and reliable, as they generally affect time management within the firm in countless ways, thereby allowing her boss, Mr. Chamberlin, to manage his time more effectively, and make himself available as needed for the many duties required in maintaining the course of this successful company. Impressively, Pamela also manages to support Mr. Chamberlin in a separate entity, Clarity2Prosperity, which is a financial training, coaching, and IP development organization. Needless to say, any given day in the life of Pamela Kelly is a busy one.   

Ms. Kelly is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Highway to Destiny, a non-profit organization that serves individuals who have been living on the streets.  It enables them to find a home; to provide them with appropriate medical care; to educate and assist them in employment training and job placement.

Pamela Kelly is a true asset within the Chamberlin Group, her overall industry, and many other areas as well.  A confluence of factors have contributed to her overall level of achievement and her “can do” attitude, but at the center of it all is the basic principle of hard work.  This is a woman who has devoted her entire professional life not only to bettering herself, but enhancing, managing and improving the qualities and functionality of a major organization where a simple mistake could spell disaster. Pamela Kelly is the antidote to simple mistakes. Her thorough, effective work style is an inspiration to all those in her orbit; all the players in her lifelong success story.

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