The Globally Recognized IT Support Company is Ready to Help All Miami-Based Businesses Through the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

MIAMI, FL, September 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — News reports have confirmed Hurricane Irma to be the most dangerous hurricane recorded in the Atlantic. As of September 6th, floods were estimated to be about six feet high, sustained winds are so high that the anemometer, used to measure winds, broke and South Florida was expected to brace itself for the worse hurricane to hit the Sunshine State in over 10 years.

Water, Food and Flashlights have become essential in these troubled times. However, for the Miami-based business owner, there is no greater disaster than losing all business information and having to shut down their business.

Business protection is important when dealing with a Hurricane and no company knows that better than Nerds Support, Inc., a Miami-based IT support company. With 13 years of experience, the company has been around long enough to remember the effects Hurricane Wilma and Katrina had on South Florida and they have taken the lessons they’ve learned from that fateful year and are applying it to their preparation efforts for Hurricane Irma.

“Nerds Support prides itself on being one of the few IT Support Companies in Miami that can keep businesses in tact through these types of storms,” says Scott Richman, Founder and CEO of Nerds Support, Inc. “Even if businesses are looking for IT Support in the wake of natural disasters, Nerds Support has one of the best computer support teams in Miami. I am more than confident that our knowledge and state-of-the-art technology will get any business up-and-running again in very little time.”

Richman and his team all agreed that at this point, the best thing businesses can do is have a disaster plan in place. Nerds Support, Inc. offers data recovery plans that are meant to keep your company’s information safe and secure. In fact, the team all seems to be firm believers in data protection.

When asked about the importance of data protection, Richman said, “Data protection is the number one thing that a business should have. 80% of companies that lose vital company information never recover. Even worse, they go out of business. At Nerds Support, we believe that having your company’s data backed up once a day can make a huge difference as to whether your business keeps making profit or shuts down completely.”

We went on to ask Scott about the company’s mission and what advice can they give businesses at this time. “Right now, our mission is to keep businesses open in Miami. Any business that neglected to have a security plan for their business’ information is urged to call a Miami Tech Support company immediately,” Richman advised. “If you are unable to find an adequate IT support company, then my best advice is to shut down your equipment and store your computers and servers in a safe location, where they are protected from the winds and potential floods.”

If your business is in need of emergency IT support or a disaster recovery plan, you are urged to call Nerds Support, Inc. at 305-551-2009, you may also visit to fill out a contact form.

Nerds Support, Inc., is a Florida based organization that is devoted to helping companies implement the latest in technological solutions in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. Nerds Support, Inc. is better known because of their years of experience and knowledge of Managed IT, Security, Data Center, Data Management, Backup, Storage, Infrastructure Management, Security & Compliance just to mention a few. Nerds Support, Inc. is honored to be a partner with well name manufactures that are leaders in their field such as Cisco, AT&T, Avast, HP, Microsoft, Dell, VMware, Comcast, Quickbooks, Lenovo and Citrix just to name the few. For more information, please visit

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