Cargolog Impact Recorder System – the wireless data logger that measure and records potential accidents and helps you avoid damaging your product.

HUSKVARNA, SWEDEN, May 31, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Cargolog Impact Recorder System data logger is attached to your goods and provides you with vital information regarding how your products are being handled throughout the entire logistics chain.

Finding time for everything is a difficult task, one that almost every company face every day. For this reason, and to help make things easier for you – we offer our valuable services. Whether you are in need of help with an entire project or you only require help with specific tasks.

We have carried out many projects together with our customers – where we have managed a large portion of the workload. This process normally starts with an initial contact regarding goods or products that are to be transported, and where it is critical to monitor the conditions of the goods as well as the elements they are exposed to.

Why choose the Cargolog Impact Recorder System?

One of the most frequent reasons products arrive damaged are caused during transports. The repercussions of these types of damages to your products or goods can be extensive and are not only related to repair costs, replacements and delays. They can also cause premature failure to the components life-expectancy, productivity and last but not least damage a company’s reputation. It is therefore very important to determine how to best eliminate but also reduce these costs at an early stage.

Another reason could be to detect hidden damages that may occur if goods or products are subjected to an impact, information about the exact position where the goods were damaged is important to know, so it can be used in the insurance case.

Whatever the reason could be – following your goods from start to finish becomes an easy task with the help of Cargolog Impact Recorder.

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Mobitron is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling products and systems for quality assurance during the transportation and handling of goods.

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