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ATLANTA, GA, October 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — MNG Laboratories is pleased to announce the addition of RNA sequencing services to our comprehensive test menu. MNG Transcriptome is a cutting-edge, powerful test that analyzes the RNA molecules within a population of cells. This testing can be useful for patients in whom DNA analysis was inconclusive. One recent study reported that RNA sequencing was able to provide a diagnosis in 35% of patients with muscle disorders that could not be diagnosed by DNA sequencing alone (PMID: 28424332) and patients with other types of disorders are also likely to benefit from this testing. Additionally, this testing can be used to determine what effect, if any, variants of uncertain significance (VUS) may have on transcription.

Dr. Peter L. Nagy, MD PhD and Chief Medical Officer of MNG noted, “MNG understands that our clients are looking for answers and sometimes the answer to the most challenging diagnostic cases require the most sophisticated tools. Our team has consistently improved our variant calling expertise while also reducing our turnaround times as leaders in neurogenetics. The MNG Transcriptome will further support our leadership position and we believe it will become a valuable added feature to our growing portfolio.”

There are three ways to use MNG’s expertise in RNA sequencing – all with 2-4 week turnaround time:
1. MNG Transcriptome – Full Analysis: Complete transcriptome sequencing that can be ordered at the time of initial testing or as a reflex to our MNG ExomeTM.
2. Gene-Specific RNA Sequencing: RNA sequencing of up to five genes for variant investigation following reports where one or more VUS’ were identified. This can be useful in confirming in silico predictions of potential splicing effects.

Exclusive to MNG panels, we provide services to the following:
3. Panel-Specific RNA Sequencing: Transcriptome analysis can be ordered as an add-on to any of our NGS panels and will include the analysis of all genes in the panel.

These tests have been validated on the following tissue types:
– Blood
– Fibroblasts, muscle, and lymphoid cell lines
– Nervous and brain tissue

Terry Conrad, President and CEO of MNG noted, “MNG has prided itself on providing answers to our client’s toughest neurogenetic diagnostic challenges. The addition of transcriptome analyses will add significant value to our comprehensive portfolio of tests designed to discover genetic causes to help our client’s make a difference to the patients we all serve.”

Please call MNG Laboratories prior to ordering transcriptome testing due to its clinical relevance to the patient, which tissue type is required, and logistical coordination of sending a specimen for RNA extraction which requires a separate specimen collection process.

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MNG Laboratories is an internationally recognized clinical diagnostic leader specializing in neurogenetic and complex biochemical testing. We are committed to a patient-centered testing menu, high-quality diagnostics, and first-in-class reporting driven by our Genome MaNaGer analysis pipeline. Our Neurogenetic Answers reporting process helps us stay at the forefront of the evolving genetics field. Our team-based approach to data interpretation ensures we provide actionable results on the variants that cause or are likely to cause disease. Our comprehensive approach to diagnostics is accompanied by a team of customer support and scientific personnel available to answer your questions regarding our process, technology, and reports. With over 15 years of neurogenetic experience, and powered by a culture of discovery and advancement, MNG Laboratories delivers results that make a difference for patients and their families.

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