A New Historical Novel Envisions Jesus as a Young Man on a Spiritual Quest in India

NEW YORK, NY, October 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — A brilliant new novel entitled The Transmigrant by author Kristi Saare Duarte imagines the complex life of Jesus as a young man during his eighteen years not accounted for in the Bible, often referred to as the missing years. Here, Duarte reveals Jesus as a Galilean boy named Yeshua who journeys with a Buddhist pilgrim across Persia and India in pursuit of enlightenment, love, and his destiny as a prophet.

Thoroughly researched and vividly told, The Transmigrant envisions Jesus as a devotional seeker who sets out on a thousand-mile journey along the Silk Road in search of answers to life’s greatest mystery. Inspired by both ancient scriptures and new findings, The Transmigrant is a remarkable tale of spiritual awakening, and a reflection on the lengths a man will go to be admired, accepted and, ultimately, loved. The book has won several awards for Religious Fiction, including in 2018 the International Book Award (Gold) and an Independent Publisher Book Award (Bronze).

“My novel is about Jesus and his travels across Asia where he studies Hinduism and Buddhism,” Duarte says. “I’ve always been curious about where all the different religions stemmed from and wanted to explore more about their similarities. When I started writing The Transmigrant, I spent a lot of time studying the similarities of religions, and I can definitely say there are more similarities than differences. The research, writing, and editing took six years. I read more than fifty books on the subject.”

Kristi Saare Duarte is Estonian by origin, and Swedish by birth. She has spent her life traveling the world and chasing adventures. Always open to change, Kristi has lived in Sweden, England, Estonia, Spain, and Peru, where she has studied languages, art, and acting, and has had careers in health care management, advertising, and finance. She is a Reiki healer and a spiritual channel. Currently, she lives in Harlem, New York City, with her husband Eduardo.

The Transmigrant ($15.99, paperback, Conspicuum Press, 312 pages, 5.25 x 8″, ISBN: 978-0997180701) is available at neighborhood and online booksellers. For more information, visit www.kristisaareduarte.com.

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