New Accountant dives into ways to enhance your career as an Accountant.

CHICAGO, IL, January 30, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jeff Thompson, president and CEO of IMA, writes, “Becoming a Future-proof Accountant” the featured cover story in this issue.

Thompson dives right into how automation is changing the way we live and work in our daily lives.

From something as normal as ATM’s to machines conducting surgeries, Thompson points out that this reliance on automation may cause accountants to be replaced by robots. Naturally, this may strike up fear for those entering into the field, but Thompson notes, “to succeed in today’s automation-driven world, today’s young accountants need to become ‘future proof.'”

Mr. Thompson outlines different ways to become ‘future proof’, such as, developing competency in areas such as leadership and strategy, as well as taking the CMA certification program, and acquiring expertise in data analytics and business intelligence.

The cover story continues on with learning about the experiences from young professionals who have experienced the way technology is changing the field of accounting and how they manage to succeed.

This issue features an article from professor Kevin A. Diehl titled, “How to Be a Good Tax Adviser: Read Tax Cases as an Attorney, not as an Accountant.” This article aims at teaching students and instructors how to read tax cases properly.

In this issues professional outlook, “Building Social Capital in Your Career,” authors Joshua K. Cleslewlcz, Brittany Anderson and Joseph Cleslewlcz give suggestions through exercises, questions to ask, and examples on how to build it up. The authors say, “Over the course of your career, managing social capital can have significant financial results. Perhaps more importantly, it enriches your career in other, non-financial ways.”

In W.R. Singleton and Tomoko Nakamura’s Educational Outlook article, “Staying in Balance: The Tradeoff Among Grades, Class Load & Work,” they did a study on students, weighing at their class load as well as the other extracurricular activities of life. The trends they discovered can serve as good examples for students and advisors as they prepare.

Find out why Kelley Accounting Programs could be a good fit for you in “Find Your own true Success at Kelley”. Learn about all questions regarding the importance of getting an internship in “A Student-Friendly Guide to Internships in Public Accounting,” by Don Hermann, Nathan Hermann and Brad Lawson.

Featured advertisers in this issue include Bay Path University, University of South Dakota – Beacom School of Business, University North Carolina Greensboro – Bryan School of Business and Economics, Certified Management Accountant (CMA), IUPUI – Kelley School of Business, Mazars USA LLP, and Rutgers Business School.

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