New Offering is 20% faster than brand’s current fastest models

VERONA, VA, November 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — DASCOM Americas (, a recognized leader in business document print solutions, today announced four new high-speed serial matrix printers that are up to 20% faster than any of the company’s current printer models.

The 2810, 2820, 4347-i09, and 4347-i11 printers are designed for heavy-duty printing in industrial or office environments where multi-part forms printing is a regular part of business operations.

The new printers offer print speeds up to 1200 characters per second, have long-life heavy-duty print heads rated at 750 million characters, are available with a host of connectivity options, can handle print workloads up to 50,000 pages per month, and are up to 10% quieter than existing top-of-the-line models from the company.

According to Lance Clark, DASCOM Americas National Sales Manager: “These new printers represent the absolute finest serial impact products in the market. With exceptional print speeds, enhanced forms handling, and rugged but aesthetically-appealing design, these printers will work well in a variety of environments ranging from logistics, transportation, manufacturing, and warehousing right to business showrooms. The printers offer users an intuitive operative design so they can be run easily without complex human intervention. This mitigates the chance for human error and should help companies who use this type of printer to operate in the most efficient manner when it comes to printing a variety of forms including bills of lading, invoices, and other complex multi-part documents.”

Larry Kyger, Manager of Technical Operations for DASCOM Americas adds: “In addition to being faster the new printers offer a variety of human comfort features that make integration of systems and operations easy. First, there are a variety of interfaces, so the printers fit well and easily into many applications and environments. Next, functionality has been enhanced in terms of paper handling. The new design utilizes dual friction paper feed, so the forms or paper are gripped on both sides for cleaner paper handling. Couple this with a metal tear bar and paper or forms waste is really minimized. Also, a feature that is readily noticeable over other existing high-end models we produce is the quietness of operation. We’ve heard for a while that customers love the performance of our printers, but there has always been a wish from some that operation could be a bit quieter. These new printers accomplish that without sacrificing any functionality or performance. These are simply put, truly great printers for industrial users or for any organization printing complex forms.”

The new series of printers are exceptional low-cost choices for companies who may be currently printing using line matrix printers or other serial impact dot matrix machines. Their acquisition cost is much lower than a line matrix printer, as is ongoing service contracts for the products. The 28xx series of printers consists of the 2810 and 2820 which are printers marketed to the general segment of matrix printer users. For customers operating in IBM® print environments, the 4347-i09 and 4347-i11 have been specially designed to meet the unique needs of the IBM® environment.

The printers will be sold by a select group of national and regional printer distribution partners who specialize in complete print solutions. Many of these distribution partners have more than 25 years of experience in the printing industry and serve some of the largest organizations around the globe. DASCOM itself traces its printing research, design, and manufacturing of printers back more than 30 years and continues to invest in print solutions at a time when many in the industry are either exiting printing or not investing in new technology improvements or enhancement.

Data sheets on the new printers and other information on the company’s product line can be found on the company website at

DASCOM has more than 30 years of print engineering and manufacturing experience and does business in more than 100 countries around the globe, serving clients in virtually every business sector. The company’s Americas headquarters are located approximately 2 ½ hours from Washington, D.C in Central Virginia. The company’s print division focuses primarily on heavy-duty forms printing used in environments ranging from logistics to manufacturing, trucking and transportation, and retail. The company’s products are found in some of the world’s largest organizations and are designed for industrial and commercial document solutions applications.

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