Middleton, ID December 22, 2023 –(PR.com)– “The Great American Writing on the Wall”: an articulate and carefully presented eschatological discussion. “The Great American Writing on the Wall” is the creation of published author, AC Katz.

Katz shares, “While eclipses are not that uncommon, total solar eclipses often occur over the ocean rather than on land. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking the 2017 eclipse was nothing out of the ordinary. While people were watching, day was turned to night all across the United States. It had been ninety-nine years since a total solar eclipse crossed the entire United States, and having another total solar eclipse cross the entire United States again in 2024, just seven years later, is unprecedented.

“Lunar eclipses (blood moons) are of prophetic significance for Israel, whereas solar eclipses are prophetic significance for Gentiles. It’s well known that the United States has been the wealthiest, most powerful, and most influential Gentile nation. It is also a giant ethnic melting pot and hosts a proto–world government in the form of the United Nations.

“Two total solar eclipses spaced seven years apart, crossing the entirety of the United States that form an X over the largest and main Gentile nation on earth should not be ignored—it should at least be thought-provoking.

“No one can manipulate an eclipse or its narrow path of totality. Nobody can change the orbital mechanics of the planets, only God.

“It’s not a coincidence, the writing is on the wall with a timeline of events, see for yourself. God is letting us know He knows the future and He will bring it to pass exactly as His word says.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, AC Katz’s new book will encourage discussion and prayer as readers consider the impactful points within.

Mondo Gonzales, co-host of Prophecy Watchers and director of the Psalm 19 Project, shares, “The Great American Writing on the Wall by AC Katz is a fascinating read. I love all things astronomy and also enjoy stepping out and considering the ways in which God might be warning the world about the coming tribulation period. The sheer amount of information and research in this book will certainly cause you to ponder and wonder how all the data fits together. AC Katz avoids errors of astrology, but instead simply shows the recent and upcoming astronomical data as it relates to star and planetary alignments along with eclipses. She will give you food for thought and undeniable data to ponder and contemplate. I know it has already done this for me.”

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